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6 years of MAINTANING and I almost forgot about it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well after 6 years I am still loving it all! My daughters are now 11 and 9 and my son turns 4 on the 30th of this month(November). I turn 40 on December 2nd so yet another date in my life.

New things in my life: I now sub for the core/spin class I have been taking for the past two years. Kinda fun to get paid to workout but they needed someone and I am glad to help. I teach at work some classes so teaching is not new for me but the added doing something physical with it is challenging and keeps me on my feet. Other new thing is at work we are finally restarting our Wellness Committee and I am leading it. Keeping it simple for now and just getting a good foundation built with the committee doing the work not just the leader. I am also part of a larger state group that helps us as well and is new this year as well.

Other than that just watching my kids grow up and trying to be there with them as they do things. My oldest plays basketball now and my 9 year old does theater. SO PROUD OF THEM!!! I still run and would like to get them into it if they want as well or anything else they would like to try.

My normal week for exercising is Monday off, Tuesday Run/Core/Spin/Swim Wednesday Lift/Run/Swim Thursday Lift/Run/Swim Friday off Saturday run 10-15 miles with my running group and Sunday Run/Core/Spin/Swim. May sound like allot but when I combo things I keep them shorter. Plus when I lift I do 30 minutes or less of cardio after and then get something to eat. But really I just do what I have time for and move things around as needed to fit my family's schedules and my own.

6 Years WOW and I am now at 225-230 which is what I want for my 6'6" frame and the muscle I have added back since way back then. Thanks to everyone and I am still around just not as much as I once was. I still think about you all and wonder how you are and like that FB and SP allow me to see for many of you.

This is my life now and I LOVE IT!
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