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Super Bowl, Super Upset..TUMMY;) & The What I Like About Myself Challenge: Days 3 & 4:)

Monday, February 03, 2014

Hello Friends:)

Well, I may have missed posting my blog for the What I Like About Myself Challenge yesterday but, in my defense, yesterday was rather hectic with the Super Bowl & all haha;) While the Super Bowl game wasn't the competitive, crazy close, nail biter that I was anticipating, I will say that the Hawks definitely deserved the win! They played like a untied force all season & have definitely grown as a team under the leadership of Russell Wilson! While I found Richard Sherman's comments offensive & disrespectful after their win against the 49er's, that is one mans dumb, heat of the moment, wish I could take that back, think before you speak opinion & not a reflection of an entire team! But really Richard, respect is earned, not given! In conclusion though, I really didn't have a preference of who I wanted to win, I just wanted a good game which obviously didn't happen but, oh well:) Way to go HAWKS!!!

Now, my tummy on the other hand does have a preference, healthy, whole, tasty, scrumdilliumpsious foods so needless to say eating my Mama's delicious but, fatty cooking yesterday was not exactly a match made in digestive health heaven but, it tasted good & I deserved it! I ended up getting a little sick before bed last night & felt a little off this morning but, now I am feeling fabulous:) My weight was only up 6oz today so, I can't complain! I ate a few things I normally wouldn't be eating everyday but, it was worth it! I work hard, eat well & have lost 43lbs since September 3rd because of my dedication to my health so I've definitely earned my right to treats when I choose to digest them..even if they come with a little heartburn;)

Now, My What I Like About MYSELF Challenge: Days 3 & 4

Another thing I like about myself is that I am a very open minded person. I try to never judge anyone because I know what it feels like to be judged! I believe we are each the C.E.O of our own lives & that at the end of the day I may disagree with the way a person lives their life but, I respect their right to live it. As long as you are not hurting other people or other living things & you're happy, I'm happy for you:)

For my second pick today, I'm going to be a little vain here & say that I really like my face! I have flawless porcelain skin, a great smile, a head full of gorgeous blonde curls & big, beautiful blue eyes! My skin, hair & eyes are all things I get compliments on pretty regularly which makes me feel good because I am obsessed with diy beauty & hair care & take pride in looking good each day! Outside appearance may not be what matters most, for we all know a good heart is above all else but, it is the frosting we use to showcase a beautiful soul:)

Well, now that I've talked myself up & bragged about my pretty face, I must keep this day moving in the right direction, forward! I hope all of you are running with faith in the directions of your dreams because with hope, faith & perseverance all things are possible!

Stay Positive Friends, Change IS Coming,

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