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Week Two of Couch to 5k

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

First of all I have gotten over my gym phobia. emoticon . I have not found a work out partner but that is quite fine since I have found I enjoy working out in my little zone with my music cranked. I have decide to take it slow and use the 8 week plan. Years ago in University I was a cross country runner. I have since injured my knee twice and have had two surgeries, the last one was a acl reconstruction. I absolutely love to run. I really hope and pray that taking it nice and slow will build up my muscles and joints to handle a 5k. I must stick this out to the bitter end. I am great at starting but can struggle with completion. I had a fun conversation with a lovely lady at the gym. She said to me ( or I heard her say) " She is planning on loosing 800lbs.", I responded"There is no way you have that much to loose! You will disappear!" She was so tickled! I think she said 100lbs, but I am just guessing. Anyhow she was such a pleasant person in a sea of svelte bodies, I said I was so thankful to find someone like me who was just overjoyed to be finally doing something positive for them self. It would be pretty cool to reach my 40th birthday with a svelte body! Ha! Ha!
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