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Biggest Loser - Finale 15

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I love the Biggest Loser. I've seen every season and some of them more than once. (I love watching them on my iPad while I work out on my treadmill). I find their stories to be touching and relatable, their experiences at the ranch encouraging and emotionally draining, and their final results to be inspirational and motivating.

There has been lots of discussion about the latest finale which aired last night. I've seen complaints that Rachel, the over all winner, lost too much and then I've heard disappointment that others didn't lose more. I think we need to realize that we are all on our own journey. Each one of us has different goals, different time frames, and different body types.

I've heard disappointment about the weight loss of Holley, Ruben and Hap. Over an approximate 7-8 month journey they lost 74, 85 and 87 respectively. Isn't that the healthy amount for losing weight during that time frame? But yet it wasn't enough.

Then I heard complaints about Rachel, the finale winner, who weighed in at 105lbs losing 155lbs and having a BMI of 18, that she looks anorexic and that the show should have more control over the contestants ending weight, ensuring that the contestants BMIs are in the healthy range, so it will have a better reflection on the shows credibility.

I too felt that Rachel looked too skinny but who am I, a complete stranger, to judge on what is healthy for her. Some will say, "Her BMI was 18, that its considered under weight!!!" I have heard over and over, and even from medical professionals, that the BMI is just a guideline.

Here is a personal situation to reflect that statement:

I have a sister who is only one year older than me. We are both 6'0" tall. We have COMPLETELY different body types. A good weight for her, when she is at her best, is 130-135lbs. My ideal weight when I looked stunning is 170. That would give her a BMI of 17.6 and me a BMI of 23.1

After having her three babies and just dealing with life and the ups and downs of weight my sister lost 90lbs last year. Having been heavy for 15 years prior, those who didn't know her before the weight gain freaked out. I'd have people call ME and tell me my sister was too thin, anorexic, needed to gain some weight back. The thing is they had never seen her at her best. They didn't know what her true body type was. Now, at 138 she is striking, fit, healthy and running half-marathons and doing triathlons. And her BMI is 18.7

We have to take these reality shows for what they truly are, Entertainment! Most of us here are here because we want to lose weight. We wouldn't want others, mostly strangers, to judge us by how fast or slow we're taking our weight off or tell us what our ideal weight should be. Thankfully there are guidelines, even the BMI chart, to help us set what is healthy for us.

Would Holley, Ruben and Hap look better with a few more pounds off? Yes, and healthier, hopefully they won't let their journey end and will reach the goals they have for themselves.

Would Rachel look better with an extra 5 or 10lbs added back on. Probably. More than likely that will happen now that the competition is over. She'll be able to find a weight that she'll be able to maintain.

Hopefully we can all develop a healthier perception of others weight, realizing that not every body is created equally. There are tall and short, small boned and large and each one of us has to find that healthy weight that can be lost safely and maintained over time. I think we need to realize that we are all on our own journey. Each one of us has different goals, different time frames, and different body types.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD14126107
    I thought this year's winner looked great. I don't watch the show, but I did see who the winner was (online news) and I think she looks terrific. If it works for her, why not!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    100+ Pounds Team
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2619 days ago
  • AWSM83
    Great Blog!
    2619 days ago
    Someone else posted that Rachel was TRYING to win and that at age 24, $250K was "life changing $." She swore she ate 1600 calories a day but she took 4 fitness classes a day and only worked part time. My guess is she will put back on the 15 pounds she needs, her face will look younger-but it's a contest and she WON. I think it's a testament to how bad she wanted to win?
    2623 days ago
    Good perspective. I enjoyed reading it.
    2623 days ago
    2623 days ago
    emoticon I think she looked too skinny also but it is a TV show. Hopefully she will gain 5 or 1o pounds and be comfortable with it.
    2624 days ago
    Now that the GAME is over she will gain back 10 pounds eating / exercising like a normal person and she will be just fine.
    And You are right ... when I went from 244 to 130 people said the same thing about me (and I was a 22 BMI) ....and the next thing you know I was 260 pounds again....not this time when I get to 130 I'm going to ignore people and only care about how good I feel .... 133.0 was where I felt my best.
    2624 days ago
  • AMANDAW830
    2624 days ago
    An interesting take on it and I must say valid! All the best!
    2624 days ago
    2624 days ago
    I am watching the past seasons. I can't remember which season it was but lady named Helen was the winner. I thought she lost too much weight and it made her look much older than she was.

    In my opinion, Rachel was too thin, but after being heavy, you want to get into a size 0 or a size 1 and that is what those sizes look like. I guess it only matters if they are happy with themselves.

    I love the show, but I wonder if they are damaging their bodies by losing weight to quickly. I could never be on the show...eating 1200 calories a day and burning 6000 calories a day.. I would never survive lolol
    2624 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4274730
    Great blog!

    I think it is easy to forget that it is a competition. Yes, I think she looked horrifically skinny and not healthy at all. She looked 44 instead of 24. But there is absolutely nothing healthy about the Biggest Loser. Nothing. I'm glad people reach their goals and become healthy, but it's a TV show and its job is to get ratings.
    2624 days ago
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