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Frustrating February Week 2

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'll start with the most obvious frustration.

emoticon This Saturday marks 3 Saturdays in a row that I've weighed in at 185lbs. Both you and I know what that means: DREADED PLATEAU. Ugh! And the truth is, I know what I need to do. And what I haven't been doing that I should be doing.

emoticon So, let's talk food. I have gotten back to that point in tracking my food where I really don't want to track because I hate it. Cooking 95% of all my meals from scratch makes it frustrating, tedious, and time consuming to track. It either involves me adding each individual damn recipe I ever make into the database or making wild (and likely not terrifically accurate-ish) guesses as to the amounts of whatever I've eaten. Luckily for me, over the last month or so of pretty consistent daily tracking, I've gotten pretty good at eyeballing my calories/other macros. I know I need to be making more of an effort, but man do I HATE HATE HATE tracking!

The other food related problem I've encountered lately has been snacking. I've not been binging much (although Wednesday was another story) so I've consciously been snacking. The issue I seem to be having is whether or not I'm actually hungry when I should be snacking or if I'm just in need of some sort of something for my jaw to do. I've been struggling to make the distinction. Am I really in need of something to eat at this point? Is my brain playing a trick on me? Am I just thirsty? Regardless of the answer, snacking has been adding WAY more calories to my daily total than it should be. So, in addition to being unsure of whether or not I'm really physiologically in need of a snack, I'm not snacking on "good" things. Candy, chips, cookies, Hershey's dark chocolate pudding with added mini semi-sweet chocolate chips (holy crap is that stuff DECADENT!), pretzels, Chex Mix... Yeah. :-( Not good.

As far as core meals go, I'm doing pretty good. Getting in the freggies as often as possible, keeping it lean meats and whole grains, and I'm getting lots of water into my system.

Nutrition needs some work and I'm sure its not doing me any favors when it comes to that stuck number on the scale.

emoticon Fitness is going mostly okay. I've not been diligent about adding strength training to my regimen. That is NOT mostly okay. That needs to change. I did 25 minutes of a full-body beginner's Pilate's routine (thank you Blogilates on YouTube!) and that was it. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I need to get more done. Cardio is still going well, but I think needs a different sort of change. I tried to increase my intensity by increasing my incline on my treadmill and it worked. But, I only did it one day. The next two or three days after that, the increased intensity was TOO intense. So, I went back down to my normal incline (which is 2% anyway). I made sure to keep up my extra intervals.

I have a hard time being able to "cross train" in cardio. I only have a treadmill. I don't own a bicycle or have a gym membership. It's already getting too hot to go outside for exercise. So, that makes my choices to "change it up" really limited.

So, now that I've done my 5k, I'm going to actually start a Couch to 5k jogging program. Maybe just the change of tactic will be a big enough change to bust through my plateau, since all I'm doing right now is walking. Combined with ACTUALLY DOING STRENGTH WORK, I'm hoping I'll get that number on the scale heading in a downward direction again.

All told, though, I ended my week with 329 fitness minutes. I'm not sure HOW I got that many, but I did!

Well, that is pretty much all that. My frustration stems from a plateau that I'm sure is my fault in many ways. It's up to me to get myself on the correct path.

emoticon I'll end this on a more pleasant note. Today was the 5k I was waiting to do. It was a fundraiser for the local Christian radio station. It was a LOT of fun! My cousin decided to go, too, as did a bunch of the ladies from Bible study, so I got to do the race with friends. :-) It was already overly sunny and hot by the time the race was set to start at 9am. It was at least in the mid-80's, but with no shade it felt like at least 90! It was miserably hot. So, no jogging or running for me. I have a hard enough time doing rigorous exercise in an air conditioned environment.

There were only 77 participants in the race. I was the 4th to the last to finish and dead last in my age/gender group (of which there were 7). I had a tall Starbucks vanilla blonde roast prior to the race and boy did it affect my heart rate! My heart rate was WAY elevated at the top of my range almost the entire race. And it did even go above it several times. I didn't feel like I was physically exerting myself or expending any more energy, so I can only surmise that the caffeine was stimulating my heart beat BIG TIME. I was kinda disappointed by that because that meant I couldn't jog/run at any point even if I wanted to... or even increase my walking pace. I ended up averaging a 17 minute mile. A little slower than I did at Iron Girl just a bit more than two months ago. And I really felt like I could have easily gone faster. :-(

Anyway, I ended the race at 51:37. Slower than Iron Girl #2, but still faster than Iron Girl #1. Not bad for such a hot morning (and it was HOT, someone overheated during the race and had to be retrieved). And afterward, myself and some of the ladies, and some of their gents from church, went to lunch together after. It was fun! It felt nice to be hanging out with friends. It felt nice to realize I may actually finally have friends.

The ladies and I pre-race!

Katie photobombed my selfie! :-D

Can you find me? I'm there! (In the back of the pack!)

Halfway-ish through the race, the background is artisan lettuce growing in a giant field. That's your baby romaine, arugula, baby green leaf, and baby red leaf from your "spring mix"!

After having this stupid blister for MONTHS, I think it's time I do something about it.
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    Always late! The blister looks awful -- I hope it's gone by now. Snacking...hmmm...for me, it has to do with having good choices available. This is a problem I've run into again and again. If I chop the carrots, I will eat the carrots. For awhile, I kept a homemade granola bar and an apple in my purse pretty much at all times. It did help.

    Congrats on the 5K! It looks like fun. Having a group makes it better. I've done all of my races alone and always feel envious of the groups of friends I see.

    2612 days ago
    lol... that blister... so hot. :-D Love the picture with the lettuce in the background, you've got a wonderful smile, fyi! Now, time for the business end of this comment. You need to be proud of yourself when you plateau. You need to tell your passenger that plateauing means you're eating exactly the right amount of food your body needs, and you're exercising just the right amount to offset any little indulgences along the way... and holy heck, that's a freakin' victory no matter WHERE you are in your weight loss journey. Plateauing get's such a negative spin because, of course, our main goal is to move the scale in the right direction. No movement in light of that makes it seem like we're failing. But the truth is, you're succeeding in a MAJOR way. Be proud of yourself every single time you manage to keep the scale at 0 +/- and be ecstatic when it moves in the direction you want. On the flip side, forgive yourself and recommit when it moves in the direction you don't want. There... business end done. :-D Now onto snacks!!!

    These are my absolute favorite snack right now, dunno if you have them locally, but they're distributed from Cali, so I think you will. POPCHIPS!!!! ERMAGHERDS!!! 23 gluten-free, non-fried, non-baked, all natural, wonderfully seasoned tortilla chips for only 170 calories! 0.5g of saturated fat only (non-saturated fat really isn't the enemy so I only look at saturated fats now for the most part). Anyways, I usually pull out ten chips here and there throughout my day and then put the bag away - important part is putting the bag away... somewhere high preferably, hard to get to, deterrent kind of height. It does a great job of satisfying a small craving in between meals, and if you're only doing ten chips here and there, even if you end up doing that three times in a day, it really doesn't add up to many calories - especially if it stops you from eating other things that add up to more calories! :-D
    2613 days ago
    Love the pics...hate you have that awful blister...ouch!
    I know you are discouraged but you really accomplished alot!
    Plateaus just suck! Looks like the snacking area is the thing of interest!
    Can you find healthier ones of what you like? Say, low fat sugar free pudding
    Cups? Popcorn or pop chips instead of chips? Can you do your own healthy cookies or muffins? And since you have issues on if you are really experiencing real
    Hunger...maybe you should time your feedings to every three hours...this is good for your metabolism and keep you from being hungry! Also, if you hate tracking so badly...could you check list, like the old weight watchers or Richard Simmons and have a check list of categories...Protein, fruits, veggies, milk, water, etc.?
    Hope this helps a little...keep pushing on...I think your run and getting out with friends is great.
    2616 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Keep plugging! You're doing some things right and you know where you've done some self-sabotage. I am impressed with your race! Keep moving forward! emoticon
    2616 days ago
    Definitely have a doctor take a look at that blister. No blister should last for months. It should have healed by now. If you don't have a doctor, go to a Minute Clinic at any Walmart, Walgreens or CVS. They are staffed with nurse practitioners.

    Now what to do about that plateau ? As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Maybe you haven't lost any weight in three weeks, but you haven't gained any either. That means you're doing something right.

    Think of your weight loss like a person trying to climb Mt Everest. Does a person climb Everest in a day or even a week ? Nope. it takes days to climb the mountain because a person has to stop at each base camp to give their body a chance to acclimate. Well, a plateau is no different. It's your body's way of adjusting to any recent changes.

    Your body will get past this plateau. So, put it out of your mind for now and keep concentrating on all those healthy habits you have been engaging in.

    Glad you enjoyed your 5K ! Speaking of 5k, I need to sign up for the March St Patrick's Day 5k. that IS a whole lotta fun.

    2616 days ago
    I hear you on the tracking. It's pretty sad that eating packaged/processed foods makes tracking a thousand times easier, but it's so much worse for you.

    As for snacking, lately I've just had to tell myself "Self, you've just eaten a 4-500 calorie meal an hour ago. There is no physiological reason for you to be hungry right now." Drinking ice cold water and distracting myself usually helps. Now, if it's been hours since I've eaten, that's a different story.

    I'm a huge fan of couch to 5k, keep us updated!
    2617 days ago
    Sorry for the plateau. They only answer is to ramp up the exercise and cut down the calories. One suggestion, keep it simple. I usually roast a bunch of veggies and throw them in with a protein...ie. last night I roasted 1 1/2 LB of baby potatoes of all colors. Today for lunch I grabbed a Jennie O turkey sweet Italian (160 cal) sausage, cut it up and threw it in a pan added the potatoes (3 small) cut up into bites, adding green & yellow squash & tomatoes for a one-dish meal. Added a little pepper and the sausage had tons of flavor/spiciness without the salt. It was tasty. And I will probably do it again tonight while I am making dinner (salad with shrimp and lots of goodies) and prep it for tomorrow's lunch.

    I pretty much eat the same things, and I usually measure it. I have several combo groupings, too, which makes it easier to track. You have got to count it out or the portions and snacks will do you in. If you burn more than you take in you will lose.

    emoticon But whatever you do, friend, do not give up
    or give in. This, too, shall pass...most failures are
    because we give up too soon.

    You may not have lost a pound, but it looks like you gained
    a bunch of friends (Christians, too) and that is emoticon
    2617 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/16/2014 6:05:38 PM
    I'm sorry you've had a frustrating week...and definitely the most frustrating is the dreaded plateau! You could cross train the cardio with a cardio video. :) I just found this one that doesn't need much room and it incorporates cardio and strength:


    I love your race pics and you are looking fabulous!
    2617 days ago
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