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Being tempted to eat by conveinence today...

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Seems almost Everywhere I go to , Everywhere I Pass, Today,I'm thinking It 'd be SO easy to stop and grab a burger or chicken nuggets.. fries, Chips... a big soda... A Candy bar, A OBSCENELY HUGE muffin...but so far I RESIST... I WILL NOT b ruled by the convenience, (Spelling?) sheer ease of it all, OR my emotional WANT for something Anything sweet/salty. I 'm Trying to get a lot done today, But NOT to let that effect my choices in food. It IS easy to grab and go, So I 'm Stopping awhile, and Having a snack of apple and pb, before I head back out, to grocery Shop. Because we know I 'll be tempted to make poorer choices in meal/snacks if I don't! And The sun IS Shining AND the fact it's NOT bone chilling COLD ,is beckoning me to take a walk...
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