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After the pain diet... the tear diet

Monday, March 24, 2014

Good evening SparkFriends!

After experiencing great pain because of my gum surgery, I'm now mourning the loss of my wonderful father-in-law, who raised my husband much better than his real father.

And how's my diet going? Well, not too well. Especially since lots of cans of vegetables, fish, sauerkraut and others are part of the inheritance. I won't be cooking for quite some time (as he was a very devoted archivist, you can imagine the number of cans he had... we won't need to shop for at least a year!).

And yet... I find myself missing exercise if I don't weight train or stretch every day or every other day, so I do. It's part of my life now and I love it so! Similarly I found myself encouraging a desperate student this afternoon by translating Renée Stephens's words almost word for word along the lines 'divide and do it'. He wanted to succeed but was so ambitious that he could only fail or succeed. And since success seemed so far out of reach, he felt like a failure. Only black or white, no grey scale. It was a good time with him because I feel he's changed his mindset just a little bit. So I feel I've integrated her teachings and can use them for others too.

So even if I'm hitting a plateau, I feel quite stable and secure right now. I'm doing my best, I'm even enjoying it, considering the situation, and I forgive myself for not doing more than my best.

Thanks for reading! See you soon,

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