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Calories, calories, calories

Monday, March 24, 2014

I went on vacation in January with my mother & sister. My mom is 82 years old & very set in her ways. My sisters & I have all battled weight at some point or another, several of us, most of our lives. I'm not pointing fingers, however on this vacation, it came to my realization that the weight problems my sisters & I have dealt with are directly related to my mother's thinking.
I have been taught that the main thing about weight control is calories, calories, calories. I have been taught that you will gain weight if you consume more than you burn. I have been taught that diets work.
What I have learned is that 'diets' don't work. Diet is a word that has taken on a meaning it wasn't meant to. Now don't get all up in arms about this, it's my opinion based on my life. Diet is how we eat, not something we should do. Diet should never be a verb. Because, plainly, if you 'diet', when you stop 'dieting', your weight will return. In fact, you will probably GAIN weight. Because if you don't change your lifestyle, you can't change your weight for life.
For me, the real secret to weight control is knowing what I'm eating & why. I eat when I'm hungry. And I eat what I crave. And I stop when I'm full. And I don't deny myself any food...deprivation tends to make a person angry & anger can turn a person to eating or rather, overeating. SparkPeople has helped me to be aware of what I'm eating & I make better choices because I am aware. I don't pile on the mayo or the butter, but I don't deny myself either.
And I've found that I'm a grazer....I love to munch! So I munch what I crave, but stop when the desire is gone...which is surprisingly quickly!
So some days, my calorie consumption is high. I counter it with lots of water & a walk or two. But I never allow myself to be consumed with counting calories. I want to enjoy what I eat instead of viewing food as my enemy.
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