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Me? An "A word" ??????

Friday, March 28, 2014

OMG it happened! Today, my PT called me "the A word"!! emoticon

She called me an ATHLETE!! emoticon

At first it made me smile. Then for a moment I thought, "Wait! She wasn't really talking about me, was she?" But as I continued to listen to what she was saying to me, it hit me. She WAS talking about me!!

But wait! There's MORE! It gets even better!

Along with that title, comes a whole new way of eating!! SHOCKING! I KNOW!! But it's true! Several of the things that have been off limits to me in my journey down the scale are now REQUIRED to help me perform!

Now before I go any further, I'm no Olympic athlete. I don't play anything professionally. I'm not breaking records or winning medals or getting any big name endorsements. I'm just challenging myself to run faster, lift heavier and get leaner.

I have a vision of what I want my body to look like and as I see improvements, my vision continues to change.

At first I just wanted to be slim. When I weighed 198, I wanted to weigh 138. Plain and simple. Once I hit 148, I was amazed at how slim I was and couldn't imagine dropping another 10 pounds. So my vision altered. I saw spots that were soft where I wanted definition. I began what I like to refer to as my "remodeling project"

The past few weeks I've really been concentrating on fine tuning. My focus has been on improving my arms, shoulders, back and abs. I've picked up a few new classes. I've added speed and distance to my running. I've upped my weights. I've even incorporated some doubles (run in the AM, lift in the PM, etc)

With the extra demands to my system, I've noticed some great improvements in my performance.....but I've also noticed some low spots in my performance levels from one day to the next. I couldn't figure out why after running 5 miles on Tuesday, I could nail a ZUU session and two days later, with no run, I could barely finish one.

It soon became pretty obvious that my glycogen levels were tapped but with my clean diet, I obviously didn't want to resort to the typical pasta carb load routine.

So I took my conundrum to my PT/N.

And she called me an ATHLETE! emoticon

She explained to me that it's time for me to switch the way I think, see and feed myself! Her advice to me is to begin cycling my diet and building in a cheat meal at regular intervals to replenish my supplies. Basically what she wants me to try is three days clean, then for lunch on day four, she wants me to incorporate things like gluten free pasta, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Low glycemic index carbs. Yes CARBS! (I know! emoticon I'm in shock too!)

Now you'll notice she didn't mention breads, cakes and cookies. I'm not trying to add fat! I'm simply trying to replenish my glycogen levels so my body can continue to function at peak capacity, in the healthiest way possible. She doesn't want me counting calories, just watching quality.

So after 20 years of eating to lose, my whole mind set is changing. Now I'll be eating to perform at peak. Eating like an ATHLETE!! A 52 year old, mother of 5....... An athlete........ Just a few months ago I was struggling with changing my mental image from that of a fat person, to that of a slim person. Now I'm an athlete????? Yes! As a matter of fact, I AM!
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