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Cheating On My Fast D: And Work-Related Woes (And A Bit Of UnWoe)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I've been doing Intermittent Fasting 5:2 (five days of eating, two non-consecutive 24 periods of fasting) since mid-January of '13. I owe most of my weight loss to IF - for a long time I was shedding 2-3.5lbs every week. Just by incorporating two fast days into my week. Personal trainer and noted Canadian Dan Go says about IF: "..if there is such a thing as a magic weight loss pill, it's intermittent fasting." (Paraphrased.) And it's always seemed that way to me. From the day I shrugged and thought to myself, "Sounds easy, why not give it a try?" I've been faithfully adhering to my fast days.

This morning, I did not. For the first time since starting IF, I'm "cheating" on my fast. The reasons? A budding migraine, the 600mg of ibuprofen I took for it (I made the mistake of taking that much on an empty stomach once, and shan't be doing it again, let me tell you). Feeling light-headed and even slightly nauseous during my jog after work this morning. I didn't eat nearly as much as I planned to on Friday - I was going to eat a big, filling salad for dinner, with a nice variety of veggies, and chicken breast and hard boiled egg as well. Instead, I took a nap. I like sleep, and the last two weeks I haven't been sleeping well on my weekends (the only time I sleep at night instead of the day). And then lunch at 2am this morning wasn't great - I work in an Assisted Living facility, and the dinner cook generally makes us up plates of leftovers from dinner. Today was fish sandwiches (eugh, chucked that), french fries (yum), cole slaw made from a vinaigrette (but the cook seemed to have forgotten that vinaigrettes need more than vinegar in them - two small bites was all I could manage before tossing THAT) and a little square of chocolate cake (yum). So, essentially, french fries and cake for lunch. -.-;

Excuses, excuses, am I right? xD

It was just 160 calories worth of fat-free cottage cheese, but still. :/

I COULD just restart the fast - so instead of eating my 2am lunch, I'd just wait till my 8am-ish dinner. But that would put me eating less than 1200 calories for three days in a row, which I'm not sure is a good idea.

I think I'll just suck it up and eat normally - one day isn't going to kill all my weight loss efforts. But then I keep thinking - it's a slippery slope! You start off failing to do a full 24 hour fast, and the next thing you know you're stuffing your face with pizza and cookies and donuts, eating in excess of 6,000 calories a day! (Even though I never ate that way before, lol.) (I have a bit of an overactive imagination.)

On to the work-related woes -

My nights off are changing this week from Wed-Thurs to Mon-Tues, which turns what would have been a 12 day pay period into an 11 day pay period, which displeases me greatly. Not to mention this is going to fudge with my jogging schedule - I currently do Sat-Sun morning after work, then Wed-Thurs night on my nights off. Now I'll have to switch my night runs to Mon-Tues - so if I don't change the days I do my after-work runs, I'll be running four consecutive days, then three consecutive days off, which I don't really like. I prefer them to be a bit more spaced out.

The problem with changing the days of my morning runs has to do with my work schedule. I have two positions at my job - Medication Aide (the less physically demanding job) and Resident Aide (the much more physically demanding job). Currently I'm Med Aide Fri-Sun nights (so my weekend morning runs follow a less physically rigorous work day), and Resident Aide Mon-Tues night (so that my light exercise/rest days are after my most physically rigorous work days). But with my new schedule, I'm RA Wed-Thurs night, and MA Fri-Sun nights.

If I changed my morning runs to Thurs-Fri or Fri-Sat mornings, then my running schedule would be space out nicely through the week the way I like it. But I'm worried that after being RA, I'm just not going to have the "ooomph" for a decent jog (decent, for me, being the 4.12 mile route with at least the first 2.5-3 miles jogged, the rest walked). After a night of running around and constantly transferring people, I'm pretty ready for a rest, not a run.

*le sigh* I'm going to keep my current jogging days for now. I'm hoping the four days in a row won't be too much, and the three days in a row of NOT running won't ruin my groove.

On the plus side, I'm getting a little bonus in the next few weeks! At work we do Koepp Awards - basically, if for three months you show up for all your shifts on time every day and don't miss a single punch on the time clock, you get a check for 8 hours a pay at your current pay rate. Apparently I qualified at the end of February (although I could have sworn I missed a day in December), and will be getting my check in the next two weeks. Huzzah! It's the third time since I started working there in the beginning of Feb '13 (although the first three months were the probationary period and therefore didn't count) that I've won.

Also, I'm employee of the month, as announced at the mandatory meeting yesterday. Another huzzah!
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