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Recommiting in April

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Okay, this is not an April Fool's Prank! I really am going to get back on track with my goals, starting today. I don't care if I'm claustrophobically cramped on my treadmill, I'm going to get my fitness minutes in! And I'm going to track my every bite of my food today.

I'm going to weigh in today (instead of my usual Saturday) so I have a "new" starting point. The number on the scale is supremely disappointing, so I'll hide it down below in the info. ;-)

Before I get to that, I'll tell you a bit about my facial mauling. I had my other cat, Kyle, resting on my shoulder as I was walking around the house. That was not unusual, done it a million times. He just rests there and purrs loudly. Anyhoo, he saw or felt something on him that scared the BEEGEEZUS out of him! Now, knowing he has some "smooth brain" (my polite way of calling him a little intellectually challenged) it's likely there wasn't actually anything there. Unfortunately, he freaked out pretty bad and in his fright he used my FACE as a springboard to dive off my shoulder. His claws got me pretty good and narrowly missed my eye. My face was literally dripping with blood. The wound on my cheek just below my eye was super swollen at the time. As of today it still is a little bit, but has gone down quite a bit. It's also bruised. The wound on my eyelid is bruised and swollen, too. It hurts to blink. At least it stopped bleeding, though. The wound further down on my face, near my jawline is practically already healed. My left hand also got several deep cuts on the fingers, but those are fine.

Earlier that day, I finally got my hurr did. I haven't been intentionally growing it out. I just haven't had time to get it done. So, my hair had grown into a horrible, shapeless, messy, ugly blech. I was always self conscious of it because there was really no way to make it look good. I don't have a photo of it, sadly, but I did take a photo of how long it had gotten:

So, it got cut, I feel like I look like myself again:

Only now I have several gross looking holes in my face.

On to the important stuff:

Fitness Focus: Walking

My goals are to get 250 fitness minutes per week (or 1000 fitness minutes for the month total) and to lose 4lbs.

I will accomplish this by:
1) Walking 5-7 days per week (35-50 minutes per day).
2) Eating healthy meals that are centered around vegetables and fruit.
3) Tracking meals 3x per week and tracking fitness every time.

I will track my goals by:
1) Using the Food and Fitness Trackers
2) Using my scale and tracking my weight on SparkPeople

I will know I've reached my goals when I see 182 lbs on the scale and I've reached 1000 fitness minutes.

Items Needed to Achieve this Goal:
1) SparkPeople/Internet access
2) Support from my Spark Friends/AccountabiliBuddy(ies)
3) Good shoes
4) Heart Rate Monitor
5) Scale

I will find the time to accomplish these goals:
1) Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, Friday morning, and Saturday anytime (or Sunday afternoon)
2) Scheduled rest days are Wednesday and Sunday (can be switched to Saturday if needed)

Things I need to learn more about:
1) Exercise induced asthma and how to prevent it.
2) Exercise induced migraine and how to prevent one.

People I can talk to for support:
1) Any of my SparkFriends and specifically my AccountabiliBuddies Malia and Dava.

My goals' relevance:
1) I want to be healthier and to start losing the weight I've put on since moving back to El Centro. I also want to be a runner, so I'm going to start with walking as my base to improve.

I will reach my goal date by:
April 30, 2014
I will weigh weekly on Saturdays.

Additional Dates:
April 19- Possible Hike?
April 26- Possible Hike?
April 27- Self-timed 5k

Sundays- crockpot dinner preparation; breakfast preparation; lunch planning
MWF-crockpot dinners
Tu/Th/Sat- regular cooking dinners from planned healthy menu

*Spiritual Health*
Sunday- attend services; cook breakfast goodies for hospitality ministry when possible
Tuesday- attend Bible study every other week
Nightly- read Bible; pray
Start health & nutrition ministry by the end of July (fitness; good food) 1 Corinthians 6:20

*Mental Health*
Make friends
Socializing with those friends
Read for pleasure
Work toward fitness, food, and spiritual goals

My reward for accomplishing 75% of goals: One New Book
Chosen from extensive Amazon Wishlist- Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach -or- Death's Acre by Bill Bass
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Inspiring, as always.
    2559 days ago
    I love that you cut your hair so soon after our convo. It got you thinking about it, huh?! Lol Sorry to hear about your face! At least it's a legit injury though. I looked similar, complete with bruising and swelling when I leaned over into a yucca and got stabbed in the face. Seriously. Stabbed by a yucca.

    Hugs, my dear! Looking forward to that hike!
    2573 days ago
    oOoh, yeah kitty did a good job on your face :( hurts to blink?!? wow! I've done the "grow out thing" a few times when I was younger....I just can't keep up the maintenance of the pixie cut~but it looks very cute on you!
    Trying to get the Spark and motivated for this month! emoticon emoticon
    2573 days ago
    Like you needed that!
    Second...GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    You are back on track and know what and where you are headed!
    I know you can do it!
    Love & Hugs,
    P.S. Hair is cute!
    2573 days ago
    Awesome that you're recommitting!! I hope that April is much less stressful than last month and that you're able to meet all of your goals.

    I hope your face heals quickly! That looks painful...but at least you have a great haircut to go along with it! ;)
    2573 days ago
    Great plan...sending you mental toughness wishes to stick to it! emoticon
    (see I am signing up with you!)

    Sorry about the emoticon attack, they are strange animals when they freak like that. Whether there was anything or not...it is their reality at the moment. Your hair looks divine and long overdue most likely from your perspective. Our hair is our badge of confidence, when it doesn't look good (in our own eyes, not others) we don't feel good. No amount of mental or emotional props can tell us anything different. This is my own personal reality.

    Here's to good food and fitness, bolstered with prayers and gratitude,
    that is making Jilly an emoticon being.

    Remember, you are loved by the God Almighty!
    2573 days ago
    Loving the new hair and your April goals! What is it with cats and their claws??? While I have never been scratched as badly as you, I have endured my fair share of cat induced wounds from seemingly harmless little cats. And they hurt!

    I look forward to positive reports in the coming weeks of April!
    2573 days ago
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