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Random thoughts of a very stressful 24 hours...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I think it all started last Friday night - and it is totally my fault. Hubby and I had a date night. We went to dinner for yummy Italian, and then into Boston to see "The Book of Mormon." I think this is where it all went wrong.

I left the two boys home, with take out money - they ordered pizza, one of the neighbors came over. She is afraid of the dogs - so into our bedroom the dogs are banished. Well - the dogs were not happy with that - and they shredded their doggie blanket to show us their dissatisfaction with the situation.

About 1AM on Saturday morning, our oldest dog starts coughing, almost like he is choking....of course hubby and I think he is trying to vomit up pieces of the blanket, and try to comfort the dog and sleep at the same time. By the morning the coughing is worse and now he is coughing up this white frothy looking stuff - OK vet, here we come. Coincidence or not - the dog has a fever, and the vet says that she thinks he has a trachea infection that may or may not have been caused by the blanket - but 10 days of antibiotics and some cough medicine he will be fine. (Thank you $153 for all of this).

Come Monday - younger dog is sounding like Sammy Seal...so a call to the vet, and some medication for him later, I have 2 dogs on meds for the next 10 days. This dog is bigger so medication is more expensive ($172 and no visit).

The cough medication that they give younger dog has a steroid in it that makes him thirsty - which in turn makes him need to go out more often, like every hour....and he is still barking like a seal.

So we have now lost, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to good sleep.

Tuesday night is no better. Lots of barking - but now the younger dog decides that he will just pee on our carpet in our bedroom instead of letting me know he needs to go out in the middle of the night...UGH.

Wednesday - things have to get better today - right --- WRONG.

Dogs still barking like seals - although the white frothy stuff has stopped, so my paper towel supply and floor cleaner get a break.

My younger son has 1 chore that he has been procrastinating on all week - vacuum the second floor (their bedrooms, bathroom and bonus room). I tell him that it will be done before 5PM or he loses his cell phone for April break. OK MOM he says. 4:45 - still not done - but I have to go get older son from baseball practice. I tell younger son if it is not done when I get home the punishment will start. I remind him to put the dogs in my room because they are afraid of the vac, and the cat runs out of the bonus room and the dogs and cat DO NOT GET ALONG.

Well - he put the dogs in the room, did the chore, and then let the dogs out. He forgot one piece....check on the cat first - and she was on the first floor when he let them out.

They got a hold of her....fur flew, claws were pulled out - noses were cut....and the cat made a holy mess. They scared the pee right out of her all over my dining room....UGH.

The cat was a hot mess when I got home, covered in god knows what. Scared to death and none to happy.

This happened once before - we left her alone and she prettied herself back up and went on being Queen Bee of the bonus room where she resides.

Well -this AM, she is not all prettied up and she didn't eat anything last night - so it is off to the vet with her. I am not sure if it is her rear leg, or her insides that are bothering her - however, I am scared. I don't have the extra money for thousands in vet bills for a cat that doesn't like us or the dogs but I don't know if I have it in my heart to not take care of her.

I am so nervous for her. Hopefully it is just some internal bruising.....

Thanks for letting me vent and rant and ramble.


Just got back from the vet with my cat. The vet is not overly concerned. She gave her antibiotics because she had a temp, and some anti-inflammatory meds because her hips seem sore. Hopefully she starts eating soon. She hasn't done that since yesterday. I am going to get some of her favorite wet food when I am out today. (Only $110 this AM). If she doesn't start eating then it will be x-rays which require sedation ($250).

Calgon take me away.

I have decided that it is a good thing that I am not a big drinker....otherwise this week might have put me over the edge. I have heard the soda calling though and the old me would have had a couple....who am I kidding - would have had 6 - today - I just got one out of the cabinet and put it in the fridge....so it's cold....but it is still in the fridge.....
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good grief! Poor doggies! Poor Miss Puss!! Poor pocketbook! Hang in there.
    2469 days ago
    You poor thing - well, at least you got your 5 minutes (more like 5,000 minutes!) of stretching in, plus lifting various animals to go to the vet. none of this was your fault, so don't blame you. (personally - I think it is the cat's fault - LOL!) emoticon
    2470 days ago
  • STEPH3443
    emoticon I really hope things get better and that all your furbabies get better quickly and without more vet visits!
    2470 days ago
    Holy Cats and Dogs Batman! You have your hands (and everyone else's hands) full! And, I think you are right, smack in the middle of a cleanse?

    I have 3 kids and a husband and could never manage the animals (or, shall I say, 4 legged animals) as well - I don't know how you do it - that was a lot of stress!

    Hang in there!

    And, thanks for always checking in on my blog - I really appreciate the support!


    2470 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    OMG ...& again OMG...reads like a soap opera..
    Sorry..I know the heartache & worry that goes with fur babies..if only they could talk aye?
    Here's best wishes for healing..rest for everyone & better days ahead.

    emoticon 4 U!!
    2470 days ago
    Oh, sweetie, what a week! You probably feel like you're at the end of your rope. Hang on. When lots of bad stuff happens all at once it means there is smooth sailing ahead.

    PS: Your title should be Random thoughts of a very stressful 5 days.
    And I bet that vet is saying "cha-ching" every time you call. emoticon
    2470 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/17/2014 11:24:52 AM
    2470 days ago
    Wow... Being a parent to both two and four legged kids is a life long pile of stress. I hope all your four legged kids will be okay!
    2470 days ago
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