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Wrapping It Up Now

Sunday, April 27, 2014


I think I'm just going to wrap up April now. There isn't much that I can do or change in the next few days that would be of any consequence (or interest).

After I started feeling better from the misery that was the stomach flu, it still took me another 4 days to finally feel back to 100% (or at least close). It took a batch of fried chicken livers squirted with fresh lemon juice to get me going again. Even though I wasn't puking up blood or anything, I'm sure my precious bodily fluids experienced a loss of iron and B vitamins that needed to be replaced. Chicken livers= magic. Anyway, once the livers kicked in, I had a big ol' test to study for. Unfortunately, I didn't do so great on the test since I didn't have as much time to study as I usually do. I have to do really well on the last test and final in that class.

Which meant I didn't get in much exercise. Week 3 of April yielded about 120 fitness minutes, and so far week 4 has yielded 60. For me to even get to 75% of my 1000 minutes goal, I'd still have to get 300 minutes in 3 or 4 days. If I make it, swell. If I don't... well, just another bust of a month. Quite frankly, I am not going to hold my breath. That's a lot of minutes and I don't know if I have that kind of time available. School will be starting back up after spring break on Monday and it's pretty much the final push to the end of the semester. I'll be done in 3 weeks. Until summer school.

Also my eating has been not too stellar still. I feel like I'm definitely battling a food addiction. I should probably be seeing a counselor or something to help with that. But, with school winding down, it's a little too late to get any help from my previous counselor since her services are only available while it's in session. I know I turn to food when I'm stressed, tired, and bored. Even if I had healthy things to eat, I'd eat more than I need to. Like today... I was super bored all day and found myself in the kitchen more than once just for something to do. I didn't always eat something when I went in there, but I was drawn there when I needed a brief change of scenery. I'm not too sure what to do about this right now. Not worry about it for the next 3 weeks? Get right on it and risk stressing myself further with fighting this AND getting my last weeks of school work and studying done? What would I do to “get right on it” anyway? How would I fight it? Oooohhhh, so many things for me to wonder...

My spring break turned out to be far busier than I wanted. I knew I'd be busy for Holy Week. My church had a Good Friday service that was super fun and nice. It was called “Soup & Service”, so it was a potluck dinner and a brief sermon. I made a big pot of matzo ball soup, but my matzos turned out WAY too dense. :-( I followed the recipe exactly for “fluffy” matzo balls and still they were chewy and definitely not fluffy. Sad day. Everyone still enjoyed it, though. I'll stick to the mix from now on instead of doing it from scratch. For Easter Sunday, we had a big breakfast prior to the service. I was in charge of all things sausage. I grilled up 160 sausage links and made up a batch of sausage country gravy. On Saturday, I went to one of the pastor's houses to help his wife with the rest of breakfast. We baked up about 100 biscuits (to go with that yummy gravy), sliced up several pounds of fruit for salad, and cracked open and beat- by hand- about 25 dozen eggs for scrambled eggs. And breakfast was super delicious! We had a burrito bar, a yogurt parfait bar, breakfast potatoes, chorizo, bacon, ham, sausage, croissants, and so much more! We had to have a table inside of just sweets- pan dulce, bundt cakes, donuts... oh my! The service was nice and the food was amazing. It was a great weekend!

Monday I spent some time cleaning my kitchen thoroughly. It only took me FOUR HOURS! Yikes! Then, for Tuesday, I made some posole for the ladies at bible study. We start at 7, so some of us haven't eaten yet. One of the ladies is growing radishes and she said it made her crave posole. So, I made some. It was delicious and we had a great time eating before getting down to the study. I can't really remember Wednesday. Anyhoo, Thursday I went to San Diego. What was supposed to be a fun day complete with hike and beach, and good food, and Trader Joe's ended up being an errand day. With good food and Trader Joe's in a hurry. I went to SDSU, which is my #1 choice of grad school, and met with a grad counselor. I mostly wanted to make sure I was doing the right things right now. So far all the classes I'm taking will transfer over, so that's good. I need to be doing some volunteer work in the field of nutrition, though. I'm not sure where I can do that down here, since I live in a … ahem, deprived area with few opportunities. Also, I need to get A's in pretty much every other class I take from here on out to make sure I can get into the dietetics program (which is actually separate from the grad program, but done in conjunction). If I can't meet the GPA requirement for the dietetics program, then I can't be in that program, and then I can't take the test to become a registered dietitian. I can get my degree, but I wouldn't have that R.D. after my name. And, yes, it is important to me to be registered. So... that's some pressure and stress that kinda got added on.

Well, I think that's it for me for now. I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Including my computer that's starting to die a slow death on me, thanks to it being a dinosaur and running out of memory. Another big yikes!

I haven't really been taking photos lately, but here are a few:

Wonderful ladies serving up the breakfast!

Kyle was being extra lovey to me Easter morning.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm so glad you're feeling better ! You certainly had a busy April. Will you come over and clean my kitchen ? LOL !!

    It is tough to have a stomach flu. I know when I had food poisoning, I was off my feet for 2-3 days. Felt like every drop of energy had been drained from my body. So, I am glad you're recovering. Although, chicken livers wouldn't have been my first choice. LOL !!!

    Every time you mention a trip to San Diego, I wonder if you're going back to ComicCon or one of those other cool comic book shows.

    BTW, I'm pretty sure you WILL make every single requirement you need to get into the program of your choice. You'll be a wonderful dietitian !!

    2549 days ago
    Don't give up on April... emoticon
    Make each day a goal to do something toward one of your goals...
    PS who's Kyle...are you cheating on Louie? emoticon
    2552 days ago
  • RSTM99
    Wow you've got a lot going on. Take care of yourself the best you can until you can clear the plate a little. All that food you had cooking up made me so hungry! :@
    2552 days ago
    It helps me (sometimes) to make a list when there are several really important priorities that need attention. Obviously, your health is a priority, and you know that if you eat well and get in at least some physical activity, you will have more energy and brainpower for studying so that you get the grades you need to get into the program you want to be in.

    Maybe, choose smaller health related goals -- like one super nutritious meal per day, and 30 minutes of walking (or whatever). But then, I'm not really in a position to give advice! I've been buried and not making the best choices...

    Anyway, try looking at what's right (you aren't still throwing up!), and don't be too hard on yourself. You are juggling several balls right now, and you are not a superhuman :)
    2552 days ago
    What's wrong with "JILLYBEANS RD"?? I think that would be awesome. Funny to read about you scarfing down the chicken lovers, because I have been threatening to make myself some nice beef liver! Rose (here in one of my SparkTeams (MEMORIES??? I can't remember her SparkName) kinda put the bug in my brain, with her recent blog featuring her recipe & process for preparing beef liver...

    (Insert long backstory on livers and my life...)

    I need to get back to sleep... Variety of reasons for restlessness...
    2553 days ago
    P.S. Had to make corrections on the message so reread to be sure you get the corrected one!
    2553 days ago
    Oh, dear friend, I can imagine the stress you feel with the grades! I will keep that in my prayers! Time for an affirmation! Type out I will earn my R.D. And type your name with it after it! You know ala Loiuse Hay! Read and look at it daily!
    I think you need to concentrate on finishing your semester and with regard to food/eating just practice moderation. Have you read the book by Geneen Roth called "Women, God and Food"? Very good. Easy reading, small book but really helpful. Have you heard of it? Might help until you can return to counseling.
    When stressed remember "Let Go and Let God"...you have asked in prayers and you have friend's who have too, so let go...
    Glad you are feeling better! Consider calling a county or city agency to
    inquire about volunteer work in the area of nutrition...there may be a place that coordinates volunteer work that is available.
    Loved seeing your pictures...my first cat was a tuxedo cat, named Fletcher! How is Louis doing?
    Love you, hang in there!
    2553 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/27/2014 2:30:00 AM
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