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Nighttime blog 5-7-2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I did accomplish much today, but like any day that includes wild cards, like...other people...it definitely did not go as planned. Jasper's vet visit was a success, but I pulled out of the driveway leaving my purse hanging on the trailer. Good start. I called Luiz from the vet's office, and he found it. Luckily I had my ATM, so I could pay the bill. He's got a clean bill of health, and his shots are all updated.

After dropping Jasper back home, it was supposed to happen like this: Pick up my mother, hit the bank, then take her to various stores, then lunch, then drop her at home, then off to work by 2 for me. Of course, she didn't feel like going out, instead, she sent me to pick up some absolutely craptacular Chinese takeout, (and what a significant waste of calories that was), and had me "visit". Which was the most tremendous waste of time ever. She had me there for over two hours, leaving me with maybe 30 minutes to do all my grocery shopping, the bank, and other errands for the week, and get to work at a decent enough time. So, I did the shopping, and by the time I was done, the workday was pointless. I'm disappointed, because I got to everyone's BS, except for my own. There are literally not enough hours in the day.

I'm also annoyed because for whatever reason, people think it's ok to just change my plans, like what I have going on doesn't matter. Irv's been doing that to me, too, and tonight I put my foot down. Back in March, he asked me to go to some birthday party that a guy from his work is having for his wife. First of all, third person don't care...I don't know these people, I've met the girl in question twice, and I don't like her. I've had better conversations with the goats at Godel's, like I try to befriend her, since our dudes work together, but she gives me absolutely nothing to work with. I like the other dudes from his work, even though it's not my scene, by a longshot. But, I digress. I agreed to go, in March. It's coming up Friday. Friday is a work night for me, I get home around 9 pm usually. Earlier this week, Irv says "nevermind about Friday, I don't think I want to go." Great. Perfect. Gods know I'm missing enough friggin work. Then I double checked last night, and he confirmed, we're not going. Great. Then, today, he told me were were going. Or not. He's not sure. Maybe. He kinda wants to, but... I had to stop him right there. I was like "let me know by noon, tomorrow either way. I need to know so I can plan my Friday. "Or what," he says. Or...I'm not going? I can't just jump when people say jump! Then he got upset, there was yelling. He called me irrational. Sigh. I never spring plans on anyone last minute, it's just out of respect. Is a day's notice so much to ask? He was actually making fun of me, about it, like "oooh, so important, now I have to make APPOINTMENTS." Um. Yes. I work full time. I am the primary caregiver of my ailing and ridiculously whim driven and moody mother. I'm the full-time housewife, too, I cook 5-6 nights a week (plus breakfasts and lunches), and do all the household BS chores. I handle all paperwork, bill paying, bs errands. I'm steadily packing for the upcoming move. Tomorrow night, I'm reading cards for a black-tie fundraising event, with 400 attendees. SO, yes you self centered jerkface you do need to make an appointment.

Well, that felt good.

On to my card. I got the Two of Disks, Change.

It suggests balancing of some sort, of a deficit. Ebb and flow. I pointed out yesterday that I've been doing "meh" on activity and eating. Today was decent foodwise, but it was still out of my control. Activity, however, I've got nailed. Tomorrow will be hectic, again, but I feel like, healthwise, it'll make up for how I've been doing lately. Before I go to bed, I'm going to lay out breakfast, pack a good lunch, and plan out what to eat before the event. Most of my problems come in, because I don't think about food till I'm shaky-starving, then stop for fast food or something packaged. This is where my problems are, and every day I'm endeavoring to change things up.

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    My mother is the one who does that last minute change/cancel etc. to me. Trust me, you are not irrational...but that gels with what you've told me about his attitude about you sometimes...that you're his property, that being a housewife (which is MORE than a regular full time job), is somehow not as important. When it is actually of the utmost important. Go on strike for a week after something like that. Or at least for him. Think that'll get the point across? My sister did that once in her household and it definitely did. Hearts.
    2396 days ago
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