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Walking and thinking...

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

I walked this evening in a wetland surrounding some ponds. They're reclaimed gravel pits actually, made into a nature preserve. I saw a pileated woodpecker, and a red tail hawk being pestered by one lone starling. I found a chickadee nest, & watched the parents bringing food into the hollow branch where the babies have hatched. I saw bunnies, and mallards, and robins, and red-wing blackbirds singing their evening songs. I walked through a field of lupine, the blue flowers as tall as I am & all abuzz with bumble bees. I listened to a chattering creek rambling through meadows & under freeways unconcerned. High voltage electric lines popped and fizzed over my head, and jet planes lining up to land at the airport added their roar to the sounds of automobile traffic drifting across the quiet wetlands.
I was tired from a couple of hours moving dirt for the garden. And I was wearing my new pack, fully loaded, to get the feel of it before I take it on longer jaunts. It was getting towards evening of a beautiful sunny spring day, temperatures in the low 70s under a blue cirrus-streaked sky.
And how happy was I? To be able to walk for pleasure, with pleasure? To have energy and desire and health to do as I choose, and to choose to be where I was? Oh I was so happy as I walked around that water.
A year ago I could not have taken that walk. My knees would have hurt too much, for one thing. And a year ago I didn't have the endurance to stay on my feet so long. I would have had to sit down at every bench or rock or log. And in 20 minutes or so I'd have been heading back to the car.
Have I grumbled, this past 16 months since I started Sparkpeople? Have I felt deprived not eating the un-ending goodies at work, not bringing my trigger foods into the house, not going to restaurants? Have I suffered a smidge, driving past the fast food joint instead of turning in? Have I whined a little, getting to the gym after work & dragging myself inside when all I really want is to go home, eat a ton, and veg out for a couple of hours before bed?
Yep, sometimes I have done all that - quite a lot of it, to be honest.
But how worth it all those efforts have been! How delicious and delightful to move freely! How freeing to stand solid on the ground, under the sky, and know I am healthy and capable! How fun to notice a faint path into the brush and follow my curiosity "I wonder where that goes?" and down the path I go!
Oh dear body thank you for that walk. Thank you for responding so quickly to this changed life. A year, really, is not long, after 40 years of too much food and too little movement - yet you've become so much stronger, so much leaner, so fast! You've just been waiting to bloom, haven't you? Bloom away, dear body; I will keep taking better and better care of you in gratitude for all you do for me.
Deprivation? Are you kidding? No cake or fast food or skipped workout could possibly compare to this wonderful evening! I am letting myself out of prison!
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