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I have lost my SPAT !!!

Friday, June 06, 2014

I was so active today. Did gardening, mowed the lawn and the neighbors. Visited two of my elderly ladies. When I came home and put my feet up and noticed that my SPAT wasn't on the top of my left foot. Oh NO !!!! So I got up and retraced my steps. Off to the neighbors yard first to slowly walk around looking for "Sparkie" ! Now to visit the two ladies once again. Returned home and walked around the property looking for "Sparkie". Back to the gardens that I'd worked on this morning and thinking it should stand out black with the Spark design on it.
I retraced my steps etc for visiting the ladies for a third time ! Twice !! Praying along the way that I'd spot "Sparkie" on the ground. No luck. So not knowing how much of my activity before losing "Sparkie" it tracked. I didn't want to log on and enter anything. It is now the next day and I have come onto the site. And surpise, I see that the tracker has down loaded itself so "Sparkie" has to be very close ! We started our day early ,but after are morning walk with the Pups, it was still not light enough to look around the grounds.
Once the morning light came, we steped out and it didn't take Whitney anything to spot, find, pick-up "Sparkie". We had a nice rain most of the evening and night and "Sparkie" seems to be doing well for being lost over night. I see that I lost it fairly early in the day.
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