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Correction about Devils Tower

Monday, June 16, 2014

Well, I found out that DT isn't a volcanic extrusion it is an igneous INTRUSION. Ha! Who knew?

I thought it was going to be kind of lame, just a big rock sticking out of the ground! But I was wrong -- it is beauiful! You can see it 15 miles away!

We first took the Red Beds trail (3.5 miles) and then were able to take the paved Tower Trail (1.3 miles around the Tower) with a park ranger who was from the Lakota Tribe. He was EXCELLENT and explained so much about his culture and the deep respect the Lakota have for nature and the earth. He told several stories to explain the existence of Devils Tower, the extinction of the dinosaurs, the origin of the Lakota people that have been handed down by untold generations of his people. It was enchanting! There was a school group about 20 ten-year-olds that were taking the guided hikewith us and they were interested and respectful. Great!

We then found a shady bench facing the Tower and ate our packed lunch. Why does ordinary food taste so good when it is eaten in a beautiful setting?

Then we decided to take the Red Beds trail again, this time going in the opposite direction. I wish I had more pictures to share, but we accidently deleted most of them -- when I got home there were only 20 pictures on the camera instead of the 80-100 we took!

I also found out that the ban on climbing during June -- because of the summer solstice which is sacred to the Lakota -- is only voluntary. And yes, there were two people climbing it today, which sort of made me feel ashamed. We could learn a lot from the Lakota.

The wild flowers were beautiful!

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