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Had A Little Too Much Fun Yesterday, Ooops

Saturday, July 05, 2014

It's been awhile since I did a blog entry, hasn't it? o.O

Went out with family yesterday, and managed to behave myself at Applebees and order a relatively low-cal meal (Chicken Tortilla Soup and Thai Shrimp Salad). Then came mingling and deserts afterwards. I ate so much junk, I gave up trying to track it all. emoticon

And then I got to work, and my coworker had brought in these homemade chocolate peanut butter bars. I'm sure they were 500 calories each, at least. XD But so, so good. I have no regrets, lol. My weigh-in next week is probably not going to be a happy day, but I'm not overly concerned - as long as the overall trend continues to be downwards, right?

On the jogging front, I feel like I've been doing fairly well. I've been doing 5 miles, four days a week for the last month. Very pleased at the increased stamina, and finally starting to see some improvements in speed, as well. For my Thursday night run, I did a route I haven't done in awhile - very difficult compared to my usual route, containing two hills too steep for me to run up at all, and three other hills that I could manage to (barely) stagger-jog to the top of - but if I didn't slow to a walk halfway up, then I'd end up doing so shortly after making it over the crest of the hill. Well, that's the way it was the LAST time I ran it, around a month and a half ago. Thursday night, I jogged those three hills with relative ease, and made it at least halfway up the two that are still a little too steep for me to jog all the way up - and I was impressed with myself at how UNwinded I was, even when I had to slow to a walk in those two places. Definitely seeing a lot of improvement in the fitness department.

I also invested in a light kettlebell (I decided to start myself off with ten pounds, just to be on the safe side), and have added that bit of strength training to my usual crunches/girl pushups "strength training" routine. Not sure if there's any improvement yet, but the 10# kettlebell is perfect for some of the exercises I'm doing, and too light for some of the others. I'll hopefully be able to invest in another, heavier one come payday, or the following payday.

And, lastly, calories - awhile ago, using the BMR calculator site someone posted on the forums here (http://www.bmrcalculator.org/
), I plugged in my info and current ideal weight (170), and came up with 2400-ish calories a day to maintain that weight. It seemed a bit high, but out of curiosity I bumped my calorie intake up to 1900-2000 3x weekly, 2000-2500 2x weekly, and 1200-1400 2x weekly (my IF days, teehee). I've been doing this all month, and am losing about .6-.8 lbs weekly, which isn't bad, considering how much I'm eating. XD

This exercise has also taught me that I suck at eating at almost-maintenance levels - "leftover" calories still equates to junk food in my mind, it seems. I need to work on improving my eating habits with a higher caloric intake. It was so easy eating 90% good stuff at 1300-1500 calories a day. Why is it so much harder at 1900? emoticon I'm not a "snacker," which probably makes it a little harder, but nothing gives me the munchies like a 100-200 calorie snack. >.> I'm going to try having designated "dessert days" 3-4 times weekly, and forbid myself from indulging in sweet and/or salty goodness on my "non-dessert" days. We'll see how that works.

In non-nutrition/fitness news, I visited the optometrist on Wednesday, and will be getting some new eye duds in 7-10 business days. Looking forward to some new frames - I thought they looked cute, but of course my vision was kind of blurry, since one cannot wear glasses and simultaneously try on frames. XD The lady helping me assured me that they looked fabulous, as did one of her coworkers who was passing by, so I'm optimistic that they'll look as good on me as I think they do.
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    hills always kill me while running too. Usually when I train myself to run farther it has to always be flat surface lol. but they say hills give you the same calorie burn as running on a flat surface so that's awesome!
    Hope you figure out your calories. I keep bouncing up and down with calories. I can't settle on an exact number yet lol
    2301 days ago
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