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Two Things I Learned from my Mother

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I want to be a better Blogger, because I know it will make me feel better to get things off my chest. I've been struggling with a rough time lately, although I'm feeling better now. But the other day, when I was feeling pretty low, I went up to the exercise room, and put in about 50 minutes on the elliptical machine......and started thinking....

My mother has been gone since 2000, but for some reason I really started thinking about her, and wondering what she would say to me right now. (It felt like one of those times, I could really use my Mom).

And then suddenly, it was like she was talking to me. And she told me two things, that she always told me, all of my life....

#1 Do the Best you can, and give it your all

#2 Treat people the way you want to be treated. (The Golden Rule, of course!)

My mother always encouraged me to do the best I could, but to give it my all. And if I did that, I should be very proud of myself. She was very good about that, and I was able to succeed very well in school because of it. I was never the best basketball player or athlete, but I did the best I could and gave it my all....and that was rewarded by me receiving the "Best All Around" Athlete award/trophy in school. This of course, included, good citizenship, good student, good attitude, to someone who sat on the bench a good deal of the time. But it is still one of the best awards I have ever received.

She also told me if I couldn't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all. And from a very young age, she taught me, to look for the good in people, to say nice things to them, and that would come back to me in the long run. That has also been some very good advice, but sometimes, I have probably executed it to a fault.

As I'm churning away on the elliptical, I began to think. Am I really giving this weight loss journey my all???? Well, obviously not, if I've gained 10 pounds in the last year! So I started thinking, what would she say, and what could I do better so that I am giving it my all. Then all of a sudden, I felt very inspired and motivated, because deep down, I know what it takes, I just haven't been doing it!

So, I've made sure I've gotten regular, deliberate exercise this week, and I've logged it in on my Spark People Tracker! I also started logging in my food on my tracker too! And that's when I saw how I was not giving it my best.....I was shocked to see how I had easily over 2,000 calories, and where they were coming from! And by being reminded, by my Mother, nonetheless, I know if I want to succeed at this, I have to give it my all!!!!

I have to think about it all the time, and not give in, and not give up! That's what I used when I first started learning how to play golf, and it has really helped me there, so I know I have to employ this same approach to loosing the rest of my weight, and getting back to an established exercise routine.

I have a cute little golf skirt, Size 8, that is just too tight. So I'm going to use that as my target to fit into, within the next 3 months.

Yesterday, I went to Wendy's, and I remembered this, and so I ordered the new Strawberry Fields salad, and while I know salads are sometimes loaded up with calories, I still know that this was a better choice than the burger and fries.....a little rut I've let myself slip into lately.....for some reason. But I took control.

Now for the Golden Rule Part.

That was ingrained into my brain, and I love me (and of course, my mother) for it! It seems to work great in my relationships with everybody......except my husband. I'm a very happy person, and have a lot of friends. I wrote a very deep, pouring my heart out letter, to a very dear friend, regarding this, and just doing that act alone, helped to make me feel better.

I also helped me to realize and remember, that it's how I react, and how I let it effect me (and I can control that) with some of the issues with my DH. He does have some issues, and they are HIS ISSUES! As long as I know that I am doing the best that I can, and treating him nice, that's all I can do. I need to shake it off, and not let his issues become mine. (Unless, of course, they become more than "issues", then that's a different story) We're talking day-to-day stuff between husbands and wives, where people get on each other's 3rd nerve, and say crap.......

I have to remember these are his issues, and not let them into my skin, and take them on as reality for me. Not to say, I won't try to help him, I just have to not loose myself, and buy into the "crap". This occurs with all kinds of people who want to sabotage us, and I will recognize that for what it is.

So anyway, long story short, which it never is for me; I feel much better, and in more control thanks to remembering 2 very simple things my mother taught me!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hang in there and keep your chin up. You can do this and you will be glad you did! emoticon
    2087 days ago
    Hope today is going well and Mom is still hanging around to get you going. Have a great weekend! emoticon emoticon
    2088 days ago
    Fantastic blog with lots of great advice. Your Mother was a very perceptve person with great insight. She knew what you needed and still does. I often feel like my Mom is hanging around and keeping me in track.
    I am glad you are back to your elliptical and sticking to it. I push myself everyday for the first few minutes of exercise and then it gets so easy.

    You sure your husband and mine aren't the same men?? They both sound alike...

    I had a week of piece and quiet as both my hubby and daughter are at camp. Yah, the party is pover tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend and keep your chin up! You are a wonderful person. Be glad you don't have very much weight to loose. emoticon

    Love ya BSF! Anna emoticon emoticon
    2089 days ago
    wish my mother would of been supportive of me when growing up.
    I'm glad you feel much better.. ;-)
    2089 days ago
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