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Hysteroscopy today

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I fans breakfast at three this morning as op was in the afternoon so at 6:30am no food or drink got to hospital at. 8:00pm they put a canular in with guidance for ultra sound got it in right inside part of elbow did the check in up stairs at first they had wrong consent form they had my constant firm for the tkr they could not find the hysteroscopy one the found it after a while it was under her nose all alone got into hospital gown etc and red stockings sat down wired to he called for theatre when it was my turn hoped onto trolley was wheeled to thearter had a warm blanket over me was called in threater they gave me a general aneathic did not take long to go to sleep woke up in recover with warm blanket and sore throat went back to day unit had a cup of tea and sand which and cheese an biscutes op went well was discharges at 6: 00pm tonight one surgery down only TkR to go
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