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I'm off and running.....

Friday, August 08, 2014

Well, since April 21 of this year I have been doing a cardio routine for at least 30 minutes a day 6 days a week, whether I have felt like it or not.

Am I proud of myself? You betcha!

I am encouraged by my consistency and my determination, but mainly I am thrilled with my mindset.

I would love to lose 50+ pounds. I would love to be a size 8 or less. I would love to have my cholesterol under 200. But that's not really why I'm doing this.

All my life I have been plagued with such low esteem that I haven't felt "good enough" for anything, I never tried to achieve very much since I knew I'd fail. I never really wanted anything because I knew I'd never get it. I just drifted through life trying not to take up to much space or garner too much notice.

But now it has finally dawned on me that I really do deserve good in my life. It is okay to want nice things, good things because I am worth it. It's one thing to say "I'm worth it"---and another to believe it deep in your soul.

I have been saying it for several years now, but only in the last 12 months or have I come to really believe it with an unshakable faith.

So what difference has that made in my everyday life? Glad you asked.

1. I have done a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio six days a week since April.
2. I have added strength training two days a week.
3. I bought healthy cookware to aid my healthy cooking....and eating.
4, I am trying out new recipes so that all my food will be one day be cooked totally "from scratch",,,,like my great-grandmother used to do.
5. I drink water and green tea all day, every day. Willingly
6. I visualize myself at my ideal weight, with toned, shapely muscles, in close fitting clothes.

But my biggest change?

I joined a gym. I know. Once you pick yourself up from the floor, you may read that last sentence again. I joined a gym. On purpose. With joy. Knowing that I would use the membership.

And I schedule my gym trips like I schedule my meetings and lunch dates. I make them fun....and something to look forward to because I know this is what will get me to that place of health and fitness that I so want to reach.

I've jumped on the health wagon before---and fallen off. Many times.

But this time feels different. And I'm thrilled.

I'm meeting with a personal trainer on Monday for a weigh-in and to determine my body fat percentage. She and I will set some goals and come up with a nutrition and fitness plan to get me there. This assessment comes free with the membership...and the gym pays for the initial training session.

I am so psyched.
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