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New Semester!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'll include another graphic photo at the bottom.

So, I took the stitches out of my thumb myself (or rather, my mom did it). Wholly guacamole did it hurt! Not the removal part, but getting the scissors under the stitches to snip them was super painful. Anyhoo, they're out and the thumb is looking good. It's healing really nicely and is physically almost done repairing. The surface, mostly epidermal layers, are still cracked open and not fused back together. The funny Frankensteiny dots where the stitches were in my skin are still visible, too. I was hoping to be further along in being able to use my thumb, but with our fingers so highly innervated, its still super sore! I'm keeping it wrapped up still just for the cushioning. Which has sort of made my first week at school a little challenging.

I'm taking the second semester of anatomy & physiology. Everyone had me so afraid of that class. And maybe it is something to be stressed out about... but, so far I'm not finding it to be any more work or any more intimidating than the first semester was. Maybe I'll be singing a different tune later on? Anyway, I do find this material interesting, so I'm looking forward to the class. I like the group I'm in for the lab portion of the class. Which is really good because this semester involves fetal pig dissection (gross!) and human cadaver observation (extra gross!). I can trust my partner to catch me when I pass out. Hahaha! No, but really...

I'm also taking inorganic chemistry I. This class has me absolutely terrified. I'm not good at math, I'm not good at science, and I very much struggle in both. My friend is going to be a tutor at our tutoring center, so I'll have some help. However, he doesn't know much about inorganic chemistry because he didn't need it for organic chemistry (the class I *really* need!). At my school, and a lot of community colleges in this state, require inorganic chemistry (I & II) as prerequisites for organic chemistry (which sadly, my college doesn't even offer!). At major universities, however, organic and inorganic chemistry are not prereqs for each other and are treated separately and differently... because they ARE separate and different! Frustrating, to say the least. If I could just take organic chemistry and bio chem, I could be ready to apply to my master's degree program already.

Anyway, inorganic chem involves quite a bit of math. And chemicals that can do some bodily damage. Its going to be an intensive class. So, as hard as I'm trying not to be, I'm totally intimidated. I'm very nervous about how this class will be going for me. I don't think in numbers and concepts.

So, since having a bunk thumb, things on the homefront have deteriorated. My kitchen is an absolute pigsty. I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm really not. There is not one clean dish in my house (except for the bowl, plate, spoon, and fork I'm keeping in my room so I do have something clean to eat on). Most of it has been piled up on the counters, the stove, the FLOOR, inside the oven (still dirty), in the sink (both sides) since sometime in early/mid July. And NO ONE, not a single person in my family, has made any attempt at all to do anything about it. They are all waiting for ME to get better to do it- all by myself. I'm cleaning up after 4 grown adults without anyone to help me. It is so absolutely effing disgusting in there, I'm going to have to bleach everything. Literally! I'm going to have to add bleach to the dish water, bleach the counters, the filthy floors, the stove. I'm going to have to run the clean cycle on the oven in the middle of summer. I am so demoralized and resentful of my family. My pleas for help in this area fall on deaf ears. I shouldn't even have to ask for help. The adults in my family should be adult enough to take initiative to get that sh!t done! I don't know what else to do. I'm at the end. I can't wait to move out on my own and only have to deal with my own b.s. I have 2 more years before than can happen, though. I hope I can survive until then.

In the meantime, I'm eating like garbage because there is no one cooking anything. I can't cook anything lefty (I've tried a few times to disastrous results) and I can't use a knife lefty to prepare anything. So, we're relying on processed food and fast food for meals. I'm not exercising because it's still 110*F+ outside (and still in the upper 90's at midnight- I hate living in the desert!) and my treadmill is buried by 2 feet of someone's junk and a couch shoved up against it in my living room. My sewing machine and table are still set up in my room, so that's all the space I had. If I had my right hand available, things in this area would be a little different.

Hopefully, I can have my hand back by September 9. I'm starting a health/nutrition ministry at my church then. We're doing a jump-start/introduction to the ministry by following the Daniel Plan with the women's group. I have already read the book and material. Based on the classes I've taken and what I've learned about nutrition, it's pretty solid in that area. There were a few things- minor- that I didn't agree with, but it was overall pretty dead-on. I was skeptical at first, but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I'm excited to get it going. I like the intersections of faith and health involved with the plan. It is designed in such a way to be fairly universal. Rick Warren is way more conservative and evangelical than my own walk of faith is, but I found the Daniel Plan to be even compatible with my progressive and liberal beliefs. I'll keep you all abreast of how its going once we get it launched.

Anyway, if ya'll would keep me in your thoughts and/or prayers, sending good vibes my way, I'd appreciate it. I'm struggling a bit.

I haven't taken any pics lately, but here's the one graphic one of the ol' thumb's healing process.

emoticon emoticon emoticon WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JSPIN74
    Soooo sorry about your living situation & your family's unacceptable attitude (as if living this was was acceptable for anyone)...sorry it all rests on you & you can't even do anything to correct it right now!

    I love your diligence & tenacity. Those qualities will carry you through this hard period & potentially tough semester. Wishing you well...but I know you have it in you.

    The nutrition/health ministry sounds interesting for sure...let us know how it goes!

    Glad you're gruesome thumb is healing up nicely...take it easy with it a bit longer as you said you will... emoticon
    2428 days ago
    Oh, Jilly. I was so happy to see your name pop up on my blog post (thank you for your comment!) I came to leave a note on your wall, then found this post that I had missed. (I'm late to every single one of them!)

    I hope that things turn around for you soon. It sounds like a challenging semester at school, but you can do it. Once you get that kitchen clean, try to come up with a plan to keep it from getting there again. Treat this household like you did the communal living situation you had before you moved home -- where everyone is responsible for him/herself. Cook for just you, and clean up after just you. Just a suggestion -- it may help.

    As far as the thumb --OW OW OW! I'm glad the photos show healing!

    The church/nutrition thing will be good, I think. You'll have some support and be working on your goals. Good luck with it, and take care of YOU. :)
    2430 days ago
    Oh my goodness, the dirty kitchen would drive me insane! I am not a neat freak by any means but when there's a few dishes in the sink, it stresses me out!

    I know you'll do great in your classes, as you always do! That's awesome you're starting a health/nutrition ministry. Once again, I know you'll do great!!

    Sending positive vibes your way!
    2432 days ago
    Your classes do sound intense, but I know that somehow you will pull through! The dissection parts just sound plain aweful though. I would be right there with you fainted on the floor!

    Hope the thumb heals quickly! You don't realize how valuable a body part is until you can't use it. And any part of your hand... is well.... pretty important to everything.

    I have definitely seen some lazy adults in my life and it sounds like you have more than your fair share when it comes to the kitchen and cooking. I would suggest that you just leave everything where it is and see how long it takes before someone else steps up to help, but I know that the mess will just continue to make your life miserable. Tough one for sure!

    2432 days ago
    Man, sounds like things can be pretty rough at the house and school is your only means of escape.....and even that doesn't sound so great :P I was into science and biology ALOT in college, but was not into taking required Chemistry and Calculus classes....so can totally relate.

    We tend to forget how much we use our opposable thumb until we slice it. I've done it too....used to get phantom feelings were sliced it, now it's just line of numbness where I sliced the nerves.

    Sorry to hear no one in the family helps you out~my honey used to live in his own filth....til I moved in, took some time, but dishes make it to the sink, and even if can't get done and they start to pile up, he actually washes them (well, let's the soak in soapy hot water, rinse and dry) I don't complain because he will just stop doing it.

    Not even close to 100 * here, finally getting back up into the 70s....thanks to the monsoon rains. Hope you get to enjoy some of the day before diving back into class!
    2433 days ago
    Sweetie, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you enter this new semester AND coping with your living situation! I know both are very stressful...but this will pass and you will have your own living space and career. Sorry your eating is suffering...I have been there, too, but at least try moderation and order the best you can. Try to maintain...that is a success, too! Hoping your thumb finally heals...you really must have done a number on that!
    Take care...see yourself with that degree and a dream job!
    Love & Hugs,
    2434 days ago
    I have thumb empathy !! A few years back, I had an accident while cutting up some chicken. long story. anyway, ended up with four stitches. so, I feel your pain. It looks like it's healing nicely.

    When I went to school, back in the dark ages, my college required inorganic chemistry before taking organic. In theory, you don't really need inorganic to take organic, but I think learning chemistry basics helps.

    As far as cleaning your kitchen, you're right. the 4 other adults in the house should step up and help out. Do they do anything else ? If they have 12 hour a day jobs, I could understand why they might not want to clean the kitchen. they might be too tired. however, if they have regular job hours, yes, they are acting like slugs and need to step up.

    And before you get out the bleach, you might try vinegar and baking soda instead. Bleach fumes make me sick. So, vinegar is a really good cleaning alternative.

    2434 days ago
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