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Sad Today

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I am on an emotional roller coaster today.

Last night Clyde found our cat curled up dead. He was our 4 legged son and we loved him dearly. He had been in great shape until 2 days ago when he started crying and acting listless. He was supposed to see the vet today.

Every time I think about him not being with us I start to cry. At other times I think about his cute antics over the years and I can't help but smile. Especially when he was a baby. And when we were going through the stress prior to my cancer surgery he would show love by rubbing up against my legs until I picked him up and petted him. He would also "touch noses" with me, his way of kissing, several times a day since he was a baby.

RIP Chachi.
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