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Fresh Starts Feel SO Good!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

No, but seriously, they do.

Between that time of the month (sorry TMI) and eating really well the past two days, I've already managed to drop over 4 lbs. Now, I know weighing yourself daily is the easiest way to go nuts ... But I feel like that's about accurate. :)

I feel SOOOOO much better about my life and what I'm doing when I eat well.

Last weekend, Fred and I BINGED on bad foods. I felt disgusting. Eating better feels better. Sure, every so often a treat or two isn't a bad thing (my treat in two weeks is beer at the Redskins/Jags game for mine and Fred's birthdays), but I cannot imagine going back to living my life like that. Sure, I gained 25 lbs. (now 21, yay lower number!), but I stopped myself before I got out of control again. :) My friends and family deserve to have me around, or so I'd like to think.

I'm going for a three mile run today ... or so is the plan. It was black flag yesterday, so that's gross. Haha. Today will be hot and muggy, but hopefully not as bad as it was yesterday. :) Go team, go!

Officially registered for the 10K with Sam and my old friend from middle school, Mindy. I'm pretty stoked about that. I haven't seen her in ages!

Two of my friends from high school are moving back to the area and they're going to become running buddies too. YAY.

Anyway - have a great day friends! Make it a good one! :)
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