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I lost four pounds!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

I LOST four pounds! I lost FOUR pounds! I lost four POUNDS.

Yup….still the same no matter how I type it out.

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I did my first weekly weigh in. I was expecting a pound, maybe a pound and a half. I dismissed my first thought of water weight simply because I’m a water (not a soda or coffee) drinker. I was incredibly hydrated before I started this gig.

I still can’t believe it. I’ve had such an incredibly sh**ty time trying to lose weight over the last several years. Lack of motivation. Injuries. Didn’t care. Multiple health issues. Stress at work and home. You name it and I allowed it to knock me down.

My heath issues were the only legitimate problem as I dealt with both hyper and hypo-thyroid issues over the last 15 years. I was on Jenny Craig for three years before I finally quit after the yo-yo weight loss. And I’m not talking that I was eating outside of the plan. My weight would go up and down on a 1200-1500 calorie plan and exercise three to five times a week. The almost year I lost no weight at all and I was pretty stringent about following the plan.

So what happened there?? I was only eating 1200-1500 a day but burning 2060 (my BMR), which would have been simple science of a pound to a pound and a half of weight loss per week. Right? No, no it wasn’t. I didn’t and the Jenny Craig staff didn’t factor in the calories I was burning during exercise. So I was always very hungry (read this as starving all of the time), however I stuck to the plan and my body decided to mutiny in the form of not losing any weight. But hanging on to it with a death grip. Almost an entire year……no weight loss. I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t lose any weight either. And when I finally did lose five pounds, the counselor crushed me by saying it was all water weight. That was my last day at Jenny Craig.

Found out about a month later when I found a new thyroid doctor the reason behind my lack of weight loss was that my body was in starvation mode. I would have lost weight had I had a bit more to eat on my workout days.
I also signed up with Weight Watchers for about a year and a half….which also didn’t work for me. Not their fault but their point system was a pain in the butt. While it worked for some, it really didn’t work for me.

Which brings me back to Sparkpeople. And wonder of wonders, they have the very thing on the nutrition and fitness calorie counters in which my doctor asked me to be aware. She warned me with my hypothyroid issues I could go back into starvation mode. Resulting in no weight loss and eternal frustration.

Who would have thought not starving myself would have worked so well? I love that Sparkpeople factors in calories burned so bodies aren’t going into starvation mode. It’s an incredibly frustrating situation where you’re hungry all the time, sticking to a certain number of calories, working out but not losing weight. Until you get to the point where you assume you’re just going to stay fat and give up.

The only stumbling block so far is I am finding trying to eat the minimum calories is making me feel way too full, so I’m working on that part of the equation. I know there is a happy medium for me.

The funny thing about my weight loss today?? It was National Cheeseburger day and I nearly talked myself into going out and celebrating my weight loss with a cheeseburger for dinner.


Instead I sautéed some large shrimp (oxymoron) and mixed it with a small portion of fettuccine Alfredo and a huge portion of spinach. Complete portion control and I’m still feeling full two hours later. Not sure if it was the four ounces of shrimp or the four tons of spinach. Or perhaps the fiery hot pepper infused olive oil I used to sauté the shrimp??

On top of the four pound weight loss, I’ve brought my pace per mile down from 16.30 seconds per mile to 15.40 as of today. If I can get my 2.7 mile walk to 15 minute miles I will be ecstatic. The faster I walk, the more I sweat and the more calories I burn. My left knee doesn’t appreciate it all that much but I iced it and took some Tylenol. It seems fine when I get up and walk around now.

Progress. Progress I wasn’t expecting my first week and a huge win for me.

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    You are doing an awesome job!!! Keep up the good work!
    2078 days ago
    Same happened to me I lost 4 pounds too... I was super happy!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    2079 days ago
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