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Helping others by helping myself...

Saturday, October 04, 2014

You know, it's been a long journey but it's been well worth it! Soon I'll be at my goal weight and I've feeling the best that I've ever felt! I wallowed in self pity, I've blamed a lot of my problems on others when we all know where the blame should be placed... Yes the blame was all mine... I just blamed others to make myself feel good!
Did you know that the people that I was blaming stayed with me and helped me through the toughest part of my life? That's right... They knew what I was going through... They knew where I needed to be and they never left my side... always supporting my efforts!

Who are these people you ask?? My Family, my friends, my peers, and of course my greatest support group that I've ever had! SPARKPEOPLE! Spark people (My friends) took me in, gave me what I needed to start, keep me on my journey and and now YOU... My friends are going to see me complete my journey to it's completion! Yes... My friends and family! It's you who I looked up for inspiration. It's you who I needed day by day to keep me going! It's you who I trusted ... yes My Friends... My Family!

I am grateful... But how could I ever thank you all enough for what you've given me? You've given me love, you've given me friendship, pointers, ideas, recipes, inspiration, kindness... a push in the hiney... it was SPARKPEOLE who did that . I live today because of a caring, sharing and close community that I've come to know!

But now it's time to give back! Sparkpeople have given me my life back and I'll never forget that! I'll never be a movie star or a body builder... I'll never be a model or anything like that but because of Sparkpeople I've learned that I can be the "BEST ME" that I can be! and I'm not judged or ridiculed because everyone on the site has either been there and done it or they, like me, are still working on it.

The lifestyle change is never easy... but you know, for me, it has been worth it! Over 100 pounds lost and proud of it!

With out SPARKPEOPLE... yes without YOU my friends, I couldn't have come so far. So to you, my teams, team leaders, my friends and MY FAMILY I say Thank you for everything that you've not only done for me but what you do for me... DAILY!

I appreciate your guidance, comfort, friendship, love, prayers, blessings and all the good things that have been given me, as unworthy as I am, and I'll never forget it... SPARKPEOPLE... you are the greatest!

I Love you all!

Ray (Jukebox2)
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