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Ta Da list of chores completed today

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 120 of exercise in 2014 (not a streak)
Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning ⊗ 15 minutes 138 calories burned

October 14, 2014
Took thyroid pill
Folded a basket of clothes
Put clothes from washer into dryer
Threw away son's empty cigarette pack
Put recycling where it goes
Let the dog out/in
Put clothes away
Gave the cat and dog treats
Picked up/put away living room (PUPA)
Unwrapped newspaper and laid it on hubby's chair
Put shoes on shoe rack
Rinsed out aluminum cans
Emptied dishwasher
Emptied trash can in the living room
Put 1 cup of Lime Away in the dishwasher and started it
Made breakfast and had a cup of coffee
Took rest of morning medications
Clipped coupons
Filed coupons and cleaned up mess from cutting them out
Let the dog outside
Took pop cans and empty laundry basket to the basement
Found a pair of tweezers in the bottom of the dishwasher, cleaned them with rubbing alcohol and put them away
Checked my blood glucose
Stripped sheets off of our bed
Gathered towels and face cloths from two bathrooms, dish towel, potholders, dish cloth and sponge from the kitchen and took to the basement
Folded/hung up a basket of clothes
Put sheets and towels into the washer
Cleaned dryer vents
Put away clothes and laid out clothes for after a shower later on
Shut off the heat pump
Opened the bathroom window
Sprayed tub surround, but ran out of cleaning spray
Went to basement and got another can
Emptied six trash cans in different rooms and put the trash in the can on the landing
Put two rolls of toilet paper in the vanity
Replaced bag in one of the trash cans
Loaded dishwasher with dirty dishes
Ate lunch
Tuned into the weather channel, it looks like it might storm here but no storms are called for today
Cleaned tub surround and cleaned off all the stuff we keep in the tub for bathing
Sprayed the tub and will wait for the cleaner to do its magic
Cleaned inside of the bottom of the opened window between the window screen and window frame
Cleaned tub. The container of tub cleaner wouldn't spray so I had to find something else to do the outside of the tub and the edge of the tub
Took clothes out of dryer
Put out clean kitchen dish towel, dish cloth, potholders and sponge
Put clean towels and face cloths in the bathrooms
Scoured the tub bottom with a magic eraser and cleaner
Read the Bible
Cleaned two shower rods and a set of shower curtain rings
Washing shower curtain
Hubby called to say he was going to be late.
Put clean sheets and blanket on the bed
Washed cleaning cloth and magic eraser
Cleaned toilet in master bathroom
Put empty tissue box that was in the bathroom in the recycling
Cleaned the vanity in the bathroom
Wiped mirror in the bathroom
Put cleaning stuff away
Hung up clean shower curtain with cleaned shower curtain rings
Went through store ads in the newspaper
Marked things with a Sharpie I would like to buy
Threw away the ads that didn't have anything I was interested in

I have been thinking that I want to wash down my walls and paint. I need to buy painting supplies and paint, but I would like to have the house cleaned and painted before hubby has his surgery. I don't know if I can do it. I would time myself on the bathroom and see how long that room takes to complete.

Things went well today. Hubby wanted to rest yesterday after driving and he did, but I like to keep up with my work.
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