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So good to be in Onderland

Friday, October 24, 2014

The last time I was in Onderland was about 9 years a go .
As many people , I stuggled with my weight since my teenage years and the yoyo dieting began ( I was just overweight then )

In my early 20's I met someone that wasn't good for me (at that time I was 150 lbs) then I became overweight againe , then obese for the first time .... The struggle continued and became out of control so I opted for gastric sleeve , at the age of 30 , so I could enjoy life to the fullest ...
It's not the easy way out but it's a big help with a lot of discipline and hard work .

I am so happy to be weighing 197.6lbs because at my highest I reached 277.4 lbs .
You can see the diffrence in my pictures

I just hope that I can continue to lose weight and most importantly to be able to keep it down

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