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Monday, November 17, 2014

In thinking about what I want to focus on this next month - I think the first thing that comes to mind is healthy nutrition and the second is "being present" rather than multi-tasking. Answering the questions posed to us on our team activity:

1. If anything were possible, what would you most like to welcome in to your life? What might this require of you?
I would most welcome slowing down and focusing more on my health - especially healthier food, increasing well-rounded exercise, and reducing the amount I multitask. This takes discipline, and really watching the habits I'm in and creating ways to change them one step at a time.

2. Is there anything in your life that you are ready to let go of? What direction would you move in, and what would be possible, if you did?
I'm ready to let go of needless sugary treats at the end of the day - habit that is not chosen well nor thoughtful. I'm also ready to let go of being on my electronics while talking with my husband and daughter - and doing a better job of focusing on one conversation at a time.

3. When you're feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or self-critical, where do you put your attention? What do you give your energy to? Is this how you want to spend your time and resources?
I make lists, jump on games, watch too much tv, drink too much wine when stressed. I'd rather be exercising or focusing on family/friends instead.

4. When you feel hopeful, inspired, and connected, where do you put your attention? What do you give your energy to? As look forward in your life, what do you want to give your attention and energy to?
When inspired I conversely spend my time taking care of myself - more yoga, ST and cardio; more time with friends and family that is meaningful!

Week 2:
I did well my first week with no sweets, tracking and healthier foods and much more well-rounded exercise. I also was better about multi-tasking but have a long way to go to break those habits!

1. When you think about how life will be when you accomplish your goal, what do you imagine feeling, having, or doing? What is the big "why" behind your goal?
Why I want this goal, is to reduce stress and feel healthier and be proud of myself ; and be more "present" for those I love.

2. Imagine that when you wake up tomorrow morning, this vision for your life is the first thing that comes to mind. From that place of deep motivation, what would you commit to doing that very day, to support yourself?
I will do better job of thinking intentionally about taking the time in the morning to consider and prepare healthy food for work and choices at home; with the upcoming holidays and 4 days "off" I will think more about assuring the time to do several kinds of exercise, yoga and meditation.

3. You make thousands of choices every day, from what you eat for lunch, to how often you check your email, to what you listen to on your drive home from work. What is a small choice you could make every day this week that would remind you of, and honor, your big goal?
This week I will make sure to not look at my electronics (computer, ipad, iphone) when I'm talking with my family or friends or colleagues; if at work and I need to look at a document, I will commit to no surfing the web or doing email while on the phone with a colleague. All of this will be hard!

Week 3: This week we are supposed to write a letter to ourselves from a future time. I'm choosing to write myself from one month away - Dec 30th, my 60th birthday.

Dear Molly,

You have come along way in your passion for living a healthy and happy life. You are lucky enough to have good friends and family - and choosing careers that have focused on a healthy planet.

You have a good sense of humor and confidence - so that when you fail, and you DO fail, you own it, forgive yourself, find the humor, and try again.

As you struggle to slow down and "be present" more, be patient with yourself. Try to wake up every morning with a few moments of intention - whether that be meditation, yoga, or just quietly gathering your thoughts while waking up over a cup of coffee. Try to plan out each day thinking through the likely food choices you'll face, and the pressures that will keep you from exercise.

You are by nature an organizer and very good at multi-tasking and the pressures of work, travel and family keep you on the go much of the time. You should be proud of all you accomplish AND stay happy at the same time. But those around you also love seeing you slow down, and focus on them without the distraction of electronics and your mind flitting to the next problem to solve. Spend the next month focusing on this kind of discipline and see if after a month you have changed habits that have taken years to form. Take the time to think daily what you have missed - if anything - by slowing down. And think about what you have gained.

Thirty days from now you will have learned a lot that should give you strength and passion.

Week 4:

1) Who else in your life will benefit if you reach your goal, or make the change you have committed to? Why does this matter to you?
If I’m ever able to truly meet this goal, my husband and teenage daughter, living at home on a daily basis with me, will be the ones who will most benefit. They will have a wife and mother who help them have fun and feel loved - rather than feeling I’m distracted or judging them. They are the ones I interact with the most daily and if I’m not making their lives better by being with me, than how I can I expect to make anyone’s lives better?

2) We are so used to relying on personal strength for reaching our goals. But strength and support are all around us. Where is support available to you already? Who can you share your goals with, or ask for support?
I find my spark team is “safe” and does a great job of pushing and forgiving. I used this team not only to talk about weight and exercise/nutrition - but also to help me think about emotional goals.

3) As you make progress on your goals, is there a way to share your success with others? Is there anyone in your life who needs support or encouragement?
My spark team is again the best place right now for me to share my successes and failures. I should really think more about how to share my goals and progress or lack of progress with my husband - I suppose I’m worried about being judged when I take steps backwards so that is why I don’t. Something to ponder more and maybe take the risk. The person who needs my support the most right now is my teenager - she has struggled long and hard with depression and is a really wonderful soul. I want our relationship to be one where she feels my love and care, and not my judgement.

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    Sounds like we are essentially working on the same things (as usual). LOL You did a better job of staying focused on those goals last week. The electronics are the worst! And, one of the reasons it is so tough to break that habit is that we have trained the people on the other end of those texts and emails to expect immediate responses from us. So, I'm finding that I have to also communicate to many of my associates that they aren't going to get a response immediately and no I'm not going to respond at 9 pm.

    2134 days ago
    I think you did a great job getting in touch with yourself. All the best!
    2140 days ago
    Good blog you have made the decsion to focus on what you need for yourself and that will help you with all aspects of your life. emoticon
    2141 days ago
    2141 days ago
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