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30 Days of Thankful 2014 Edition- Day 16, 17, 18, & 19

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Okay, sometimes I really dislike the SparkPeople site. Not very thankful at the moment for this website with its "time out" feature. I remember a time not too long ago when you could stay on Spark alllllllllllll day and your session would never "expire". Apparently I waited too long and this blog "expired" before I could finish it. So, it went to internet lalaland and this is round 2. Which I am now p.o.'ed to write again. But, I’m going to try anyway… HERE WE GO AGAIN! *deep breath*

Day 16- The Kindness of Others
Alrighty, so on Sunday I had the pleasure to be reminded of the kindness that is really innate in other people. It was nice to see that not everyone in this world is an evil, horrible person waiting in the wings to do something awful to another person, despite what the media would lead us to believe based on all the negative things they report. And really, who could blame them? War that never ends, racism in Ferguson, bigotry as the battle for marriage equality rages in parts of this country, and countless school shootings all over! We’re so inundated with these types of stories, the few good deeds that people do get overshadowed and it starts to feel like we live in a world where the person picking out apples at the grocery store is going to finish getting their last apple and pull out a knife and stab you while you try to pick out your pears.

Sunday was a nice change from that. I still am feeling tired and run down, even after my magical food of chicken livers. I do feel a little better, so maybe some of it was iron and B vitamins, but not all. Anyhow, I got to church later than I usually do and someone had already started brewing the coffee for me! Thank goodness, too, because it does take a while. I had purchased a few decorations to add to the hospitality table to make it look a little more festive and fall-y. Well, the friends I will be a personal chef for went back home and brought more! I got so many compliments on the table on Sunday. Of course, I gave credit where it was due, too. My pastor thought it was so nice he took a picture of it and added it to our church’s Facebook page. I didn’t need the compliments, of course, but it was cool that people (a lot of them, even) took the time to come up to me to say how pretty the table looked. And speaking of those friends who will be enjoying my delicious food, they noticed how tired and run down I was. I was stressing being able to get everything done this week (labs for WHY I’m worn out, my cousin’s wedding this weekend, Yuma on Monday, YFC banquet on Tuesday, coffee with my dietitian friend…) so they said understood and that I didn’t have to start for them this week. What a relief! And finally, a lady at our church is being laid off from her job just before Christmas. Great timing, huh? She has been crocheting various items to keep busy and relieve stress. She’s been posting a few pics of them on Facebook and I commented that one of her beanies has absolutely beautiful colors! So, she gifted it to me! How fabulous and kind was that?! She even made one for my cousin, so her husband put it on and we had a blast in our hats all day.

Me and Pastor Frank (my cousin-in-law) enjoying the hats!

Day 17- Buffalo Chicken Wings
I live in a small, Podunk town that just is without awesome basics of other places. No Trader Joe’s (or any “health food” type store for that matter), no farmer’s markets, no Chipotle, no bookstore… it’s a drag. So, if I want to go somewhere awesome, I drive an hour away to Yuma, Az. They have a Barnes & Noble- a magical wonderland!!! They have a Chipotle. I don’t think they’ve quite gotten a health food market, yet, though. And they do have a Buffalo Wild Wings! I love buffalo sauce. LOVE IT. Chicken wings, since they are deep fried, skin-on little fat bombs with a few strands of protein stuck to the bones, are a very rare treat for me. It was time to treat myself. With all the walking I did that day, I doubt they did much damage. They were delicious, crispy, messy, buffalo-y, and paired perfectly with bleu cheese dressing. I only had about a half dozen- the “snack” size. They were good. A good, warm treat to start the crazy that has been my week. I love them and I’m thankful to whoever invented the buffalo sauce. That man needs a medal and a handshake!


A recipe to more buffalo goodness!

Day 18- People Who Make Chili Without Beans!

Tuesday I volunteered to help cook for the Youth For Christ banquet being held. One of my pastors is the director of the branch here in my town and his wife was helping to cook for it, too, as well as a woman who goes to our church and works at YFC. The three of us put together cobblers, salads, corn bread muffins, baked potatoes, green beans, corn, and all the fixin’s for 6 different kinds of chili. Luckily, the chili was cooked by the board members of YFC, which meant we didn’t have to do them. But, we did ALL the rest of it. Even served it. I barely ate and drank anything the whole day (in fact, I think I sat down for about 20 minutes in an 8 hour period). The onions attacked my eyes as I chopped them. The limes smelled delicious as I sliced them. The potatoes destroyed the shirt I was wearing by slopping olive oil on me. But, it was fun and I enjoy doing that sort of thing. At the end of the night, we volunteers got to eat a serving or two of our hard worked-on creations. Out of the 6 chilis that were made for the banquet, only 1 of them was made without beans. They included mushrooms and two different kinds of olives in it, as well as some sort of steak-y meat, but no beans to be found. What a relief! I could actually eat it! And it was really tasty.

I’ve mentioned it before, but maybe you’re new here. I’m allergic to beans. Severely. I can’t even wash dishes that had beans in them or my hands will swell up. So, my life is pretty typical of anyone else who has a bad food allergy- constant monitoring of what is in the food you’re eating to prevent terrible things from happening. Except I live on the border of Mexico, which pretty much means beans in EVERYTHING. Talk about a drag.

So, having that one chili that I could actually eat at the end of a loooooooooong day, I was truly thankful.


Another chili I can eat. For some reason, I'm not allergic to pulses (lentils, chickpeas, dried peas)

Day 19- Costco

Costco saves my skin more often than I’d like to admit. Between 4 and 7 adults live in my household at any given time. That’s a lot of coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, salad (we eat a lot of salad), bread and various other items of food needed. Even if it’s cheaper to go to a regular store, buying in bulk means less trips to that store! I’ll pay for that convenience a thousand times over. Plus, this weekend I’m making the appetizers for my cousin’s wedding. That’s appetizers for 100-ish people, a few sweet and a few savory. One loaf of bread at a time isn’t going to cut it. Mini cheesecake bites need a big slab of cream cheese, not a thousand little blocks of it. Bulk is the way to go and Costco rocks for that. I’m thankful that we have one and that they provide all I need for my daily life and special occasions where I’m cooking for a bunch of people.

Hmmm... I don't even have an obligatory cat picture to go here. I'll work on that.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love. the. hats. I used to crochet a lot, and have been wanting to get back to it. Yarn is so expensive though. Years ago, a friend was cleaning out someone's attic or storage building or something and brought me three giant hefty bags packed with yarn. It was awesome. I made scarves, hats, and even little purses for several years, but it's all gone now.

    I've never been to CostCo. One opened about 45min to an hour away from my house, but I still haven't gone. I have a cousin who goes and buys stuff for the farm pretty regularly, but I haven't. I'm afraid I'll love it.

    Even though it sounds like you are busy, it also sounds like you are feeling pretty good, and for that, I am thankful :)
    2344 days ago
  • GHK1962
    I am a beanless chili eater too! Not that I'm allergic (sorry about that for you) ... I'm just not a beany kind of guy normally.

    And yeah, Costco is all kinds of groovy for bulk foods. I used to go there more ... after reading this I am thinking this weekend I will head over there. There's gotta be something I need right?

    And glad that the Spark Blog Eater didn't get this one too!
    2345 days ago
    Love Costco! I am right there with you! I could spend hours wandering through Costco to see what they have... just have to watch that I don't overspend!

    So glad you had a great day at your church with grateful people! There is nothing quite like seeing the good side of people. There is so much hate and people forget to see the human side sometimes.

    Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead!
    2345 days ago
  • RSTM99
    Thanks for sharing these - they are delight to read!
    Especially nice because you had to type it twice! :)
    2345 days ago
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