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30 Days of Thankful 2014 Edition- Day 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24

Monday, November 24, 2014

I didn't realize how behind the wedding would put me. Sorry! It was a fun day, though. And successful. And delicious.

Day 20- Weird Phrases
My family is a little nutty. Gee, wonder where I get it from? Anyway, my mom and I have been breaking out with the weird sayings and phrases that my grandparents and great-grandparents used to say. One of the cats was trying to break into a forbidden room and my mom shoo’d him away. She said, “Louis thought he was going to ‘cut a fat hog’ and get into that room!” Being thoroughly confused by such a bizarre saying, all I could think of to say to Louis as he scuttled by was “No cutting hogs!” Seriously, what does that mean? Being stuck in the kitchen for a week also meant all sorts of odors were accumulating in the fridge, trash, sink, oven, etc. Not many of them bad. But, one of the appetizers I made for the wedding was deconstructed egg salad sandwiches, which meant lots of hard boiled eggs. I was able to get them done in advance, but they started to smell a little eggy (not bad, just eggy) and my mom said something was smelling in the fridge. I said, “Is it strong enough to melt the horns off a goat?” Mom said no. That was something my grandpa used to say. Really? What does it even mean?!?! How funny are these weird phrases that get passed down? Thankful for the chuckle, even if its accompanied by confusion!

Yeah, I don't have any photos of goats or hogs, so here's one of me holding my giant mini muffin tin. That baby got a TON of use this weekend!

Day 21- Dad
My dad came over the day before the wedding and helped out with a few tasks with the wedding. He also took me on my shopping trip to Costco. He does a lot of things like that for me when I ask him. He sat down and peeled garbanzo beans with me so I could make a massive amount of hummus for the appetizer table. He did one can, I did the other, and still between the two of us it took almost an hour. The hummus turned out awesome, by the way. So far, dad is the only person who’s ever helped me with the tedious task of garbanzo peeling. I’ve only ever seen my dad cry twice in my life. The first time was when I had to put my beloved cat down and I was pretty much inconsolable. We all loved my cat. He was a furry member of the family for 16 years until cancer ate away a portion of his jaw. It was upsetting for everyone. The other time he cried was when I left home for the first time and moved 3,000 miles away to Boston. That move may have been short lived (and a huge mistake at the time), but it was difficult for him to see me go. He’s been a provider, teacher of bike riding, and BBQer of chicken, and sounding board for my crazy ideas! My pop is awesome and I’m thankful for him!

That's my dad's 1970 Chevy El Camino and my dad under it's hood, giving my grandma's car a jump. Her car was loaded to the brim with the wedding food and BAM! No starty! Dad saved the day. We were only 15 minutes late.

Day 22- New Additions
The wedding went great. It was very much in line with my cousin’s style, which was no dancing or throwing of a bouquet or garter belt or anything overly traditional. (They did have a “first dance”, but that was it.) The focus of the wedding was the food and the conversation. Her sisters did a great job with the décor- mason jars, succulents in pots, mini Converse shoe keychains, lots of burlap and lace. It was out in the country, so it was shabby chic. The appetizers and desserts came out great! Got them all done just in time! Thank goodness they had the main course catered.

Anyway, it was really awesome having the joining of families. Having Frank join our crazy clan is really a fun blessing. My cousin and Frank are so happy, I’m excited to see them grow together. And I’m thankful for them both.

"I DO"

Hand helps my new... uh... cousin-in-law?? cut the cake!

Day 23- New Friends (Baptists)
My cooking adventures for this week weren’t done with the conclusion of the wedding. Sunday our church and the church from whom we rent our space joined together to make a Thanksgiving dinner for the community. That really translates into a meal for the homeless community. I cooked two turkeys for the event, and then helped make 4 huge pans of stuffing/dressing, and then help get it out to serve. Almost had a coffee meltdown, too. Someone dropped the ball with the coffee urn, so our church stepped in and I brew in the mornings, so I brewed 4 urns of 40 cups each. Too bad it takes a long time. Thought there was going to be a coffee riot! Anyhow, we also had mashed potatoes (although not nearly enough) and an unfortunate gravy incident in which it got burned and therefore totally inedible- thank goodness for canned gravy rescue- vegetables, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, apple & pumpkin pies, lemonade… it was great to be able to provide a hot meal to those that otherwise wouldn’t have had one.

It was also my first time meeting the Baptist minister and his wife from across the street! They were such warm, sweet, funny people. The whole night spent with them in the kitchen was a great time and the camaraderie and friendships that were born was such a blessing. We all had a blast hanging out and doing good for the community. I am very thankful for such wonderful, caring people!

Debi and I stir massive vats of gravy that we managed not to burn.

Day 24- Mason Jars
I love mason jars. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I loved them before they were popular! Hahahahahaha, I’m totally kidding. I am pretentious. HA! Kidding, again. But, really, I don’t know why I never think to actually decorate with them. I don’t can anything with them, although I’ve always wanted to give canning a try. It just seems so complicated with the pH balances and the sterilization and whatnot. I usually just use my jars to make and hold salad dressing. Perfect to shake up some dressing! I got some colorful jars just before the wedding and they made the perfect vessels to hold candy. I popped a ton of popcorn and got a bunch of small candies to mix-in, served in small brown paper sacks. Rustic and tied in perfectly with the theme décor. Totally handy and mega thankful to whomever invented them!

My spread at the wedding. So many things! My fun mason jars are in the corner of the photo in the bottom left corner. It's like photoception. Hand oversees the appetizer table. Mini cheesecake bites, phyllo cups w/ cappuccino whipped cream & chocolate covered espresso beans, pumpkin & chocolate whoopie pies w/ cream cheese frosting, cucumber & herbed cream cheese tea sandwiches, almond butter & smashed fresh raspberries tea sandwiches, deconstructed egg salad sandwiches, plain & roasted red pepper hummus w/ pita chips, popcorn & candy mix-ins
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Busy girl...and a great way to give! Bless you!
    Yummy stuff!
    Warm hugs,
    2332 days ago
    Wow Jill, the food looks fantastic, and sounds scrumptious. If I could afford it, I'd fly you over to cater my wedding. Glad you had such a good time making the dinner for the homeless, what a great way to give back, doing something you love and are clearly very good at. x
    2340 days ago
  • GHK1962
    NICE! You have been busy. And a good busy too.

    The wedding appetizers looks freakin awesome!!! I want to try one of EVERYTHING I see. But I want 2 of those things that look like lemon tartlet or something.

    And what's up with that giant mini muffin tin?!?! That is huge. And it's pretty damn ironic to have a giant mini muffin tin.

    Oh ... congrats to the bride and groom too.

    And ... you are beyond awesome for cooking that Thanksgiving dinner. Totally groovy. Even if the gravy burnt.

    But my favorite story was the one about your dad. About how he cried those 2 times. Your dad sounds cook. And he did a pretty damn good job raising that kid of his.
    2340 days ago
    Wow girl, you have been a cooking fool! (I think this might be part of a old phrase that I grew up hearing... :) ) All of that food looks beautiful and super yummy! The community Thanksgiving dinner sounds not only fun, but very rewarding as well. Hope you can relax a little now! emoticon
    2341 days ago
    Holy cow Jillybean~you have been busy! Spending time with family can be awesome, love the idea of a low key wedding. My dad is often spending time under the hood, his church group has a mission night where they work on cars for people. Love seeing those classic muscle cars too! You managed quite the spread for the feast~hope you also have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    2341 days ago
    Wow! You've been busy! Congrats to Frank and the cousin, and to you for getting all that food cooked and delivered.

    And, my Jodi would LOVE your dad's car :)

    have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jill -- maybe take a break and order Chinese food? (kidding, kidding!)
    2341 days ago
    Happy Holidays
    2341 days ago
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