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The Long Awaited Richmond Recap!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

So here is the long awaited Richmond Recap It will be heavy in pics so beware!

All the long training hours the miles logged the sweat, tears, and lessons learned, all came to the finish line one VERY cold November 15, 2014. Let me just say the called it the Polar Vortex Marathon it was 20 degrees, at the start I had been follwing the weather and it change like every 20 mins so I packed everything and I mean everything. 3 pairs of running shoes and 8 different possible running outfits, that could easily be change around.

I can not say enough about this race it is one awesome race. The course. the organizers, the city, the community, the other participants.

There was music or some kind of entertainment every mile, whole neighborhoods came out and set up water stops or celebration stops. People complete strangers calling you by name praising your efforts, cheering you on, urging you to continue just when I thought I could stop.
Pizza stops, cookie stops Beer stops, shot stops, gummy bear stops, pretzels, wet wash clothes, kleenex stops.
Scenery that can not be beat we ran over bridges, down by the river, passed a damn, over the interstate, past statues of our founding fathers through college campuses. Past old neighborhoods with the draping trees over the roads and huge pillars houses. Down old time Richmond with its brightly colored store fronts. Downtown Richmond, I will never be able to do the course justice it was just spectacular.
It all started of course on our 6 hour car trip:

Than cames the expo/packet pick up boy did it become real quickly!

I refrained really well from buying anything but just one item from the expo, and that was hard!

the shoe charm of the key word I have used from the beginning of this journey!
So to the hotel we go unpack unwind eat and rest as tomorrow I was running another early morning up at 5 to leave by 6 to be at the start no later than 630 as the first race an 8k started at 7.
The morning we awoke to 18 degrees yep I said 18, so yes at the starting line I looked like a snowman not a runner by any means!
the following are just going to be a cross section of pictures from the race. I can tell you my sis, my training partner, my hero was at mile 19! Were she jumped in and ran with me the last 7.2 miles. Which I have to say was wonderful as I did blow my IT band at mile 21 making the last 5.2 miles really painful. And yes the tears flowed as I crossed the finish line, and to be honest still flow pretty easy as I still think about the emotions, the runner highs, the end and beginning of a new journey! Enjoy the pics, sorry for the ramble!

So there you go Spark family, my Richmond adventure, sorry it is so long!
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