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His Bright Light

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

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Hello Friends!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

I hope this day finds you all ALIIVE & WELL!! I hope this day finds you striving for BETTER, for MORE, for EVERYTHING your heart BEATS for & DESIRES - - But most importantly, I hope you woke up today & felt GRATEFUL for the simple pleasure that in all reality is the ULTIMATE luxury of being ALIVE & being able to have yet another DAY, another HOUR, another MINUTE, another SECOND with those you LOVE & CHERISH most in this world.

Yesterday a good man's heart stopped beating - - A man who though little, frail & sick possessed more strength, more unconditional, unfailing love & more kindness in his little pinkie than most people possess in their entire body - - A man who loved his family, loved his life & loved his friends whole heartedly & beautifully - - & a man who showed me what it means to be a top notch Parent & role model for his children.

Donnie was one of the first friends of Al's I ever met & as soon as I met him, I knew he was the kind of guy that you wanted your guy to be friends with. He was already sick & on Dialysis for probably a good 6 years off & on prior to our first meeting but by the way he smiled & joked, you would of never known that his days were numbered far too short for the quality of character he possessed, for the beauty & light he brought to this world. Donnie was a true gem of a person & everyone who met him was entranced & spellbound by the way he sparkled & shined even through the darkness life threw his way.

He left behind a beautiful wife & 3 young, vibrant, gorgeous children ages 13, 5 & 3. I loved watching him with all of his children but especially with his oldest son Austin who he had from a previous relationship. Austin is special needs but Donnie never treated him any differently. They did everything together & he always made Austin feel like he was important. They were best friends & truly brought out the best in each other. When other kids at school would make fun of Austin & call him weird or dumb, Donnie would remind him that it takes a weak minded person to judge what they don't know or understand & then he would tell him how unique, important & loved he was to him....& once he was out of hindsight, he would call that school or those kids parents & give them an earful!!! He was a good Dad like that, ALWAYS sticking up for his children & rejoicing in the unique gifts & qualities that they brought to his life.

Though it hurts to see him go, I am so happy that his pain is finally gone, that Dialysis & waiting lists & Kidney problems are just a distant memory for him now. I am happy that he is probably soaring around up in heaven right now showing off his beautiful wings & blessing the other angels with his presence & his friendship. I hurt most for his wife & his children who loved him & still love him so dearly but I know Donnie will watch over them & protect them all the days of their lives & of their children's lives & so on & so forth. God is good & he has granted Donnie with the peace that this earth could never fully give him & for that I am eternally grateful.

I will always miss the bright light that he brought to this earth but what a beautiful blessing it was to have seen it, to have witnessed it firsthand, to have watched him sprinkle it like fairy dust over the heads of his children, to have basked in it's radiance, to have had a friend who shined TOO bright for this world.

Til the day we meet again - - Shine on, Donnie!!!

Sending Hugs To Heaven,


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