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What motivates you most when trying to lose weight?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What motivates you most when trying to lose weight?

A friend or family member expressed their concern for your health or did you see yourself
in the mirror or in a picture one day and it just hit you, that you didn't like what you saw. Maybe your doctor advised you to lose weight for your health or you had an event that you wanted to lose weight for. While losing weight made it easier for a sport you wanted played or a wedding you wanted to go to it was that special reason that motivated you enough to lose the weight that you wanted to.

For some of us it takes something really drastic to get us motivated and hopefully it won't come to the story that I have to tell.

Let's face it, we've all been there time again and again. We have told ourselves that we are starting a new diet, only to set ourselves up for failure. Well what is making it different this time?

Well, tell me? Just what is different this time around? Is it your health? Are you having trouble walking, breathing or just want to drop a few extra pounds?

I suggest, that you get a piece of paper out and write down, exactly why it is that You want or need to lose weight. Because here it is, there is no easy way to tell you this. I am just going to be straight forward with you. It cannot be a DIET. It has to be a WAY of LIFE. That is right. You have to make a commitment to a way of life. Not for me, not for your husband or children, but for You.

If it is your health that has brought you here, then you had better listen up. This may be your last chance. Your last chance before you become like my sister - in - law Mary. Gasping for every breathe of air that you breathe, choking up sputum, unable to walk, a heart murmur, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes and COPD. The ending result was Mary's Death at the age of 49, one day before we celebrated her 50th birthday on January 3, 2014. You see Mary was morbidly obese and weighed in at 448 Lbs. at the time of her death. Mary also suffered as a manic depressive and had become a recluse. Refusing to leave the house. And like so many others in the family, I sat by and allowed my sister - in - law to slowly eat herself to death.

Yes, you read that right. I sat by and did nothing. What is that you say? It isn't my fault, I tell that it absolutely is. I could have reached out to my sister, Mary and could have told her that I cared. I could have told her about Spark People. I could have went to her house and showed her how to exercise in a chair. I could have educated my sister Mary on healthy ways to eat and take care of her diabetes. I could have done what Jesus would have had me to do. Now, I am going to give you a few pointers.
1) Take out a pen and paper.
2) Write down the reasons you have as to why you don't need to take charge of your health
3) Write down the reasons why you want to take charge of your health and lose weight
4) Write down all of your health needs
5) Now write down a list of reasonable goals
6) Share them with your family and tell them why it is important to you that you make this changes
7) Make a plan to start implementing them into your life
8) Go see your Doctor and make sure that you are healthy enough to start an exercise plan
9) Get an exercise buddy or system in place , join a gym, get the hubby or children involved
10) Have fun while getting Healthy!!

A few Tips to ensure that you are on the right track to losing weight.

1) Mind set. Once you have that everything else will start lining up in place.
2) Little Changes = Big Results
3) Wake Up, Drink up- 1st glass of H2O- Stay hydrated You need 8 - 10 glasses Daily
4) Develop an exercise routine - AM is usually Best - Don't forget H2O
5) Be a label reader - Nutrition and Calories Count, Be aware of what is going into your body
6) Rest - Getting an accurate amount of sleep is just as important as burning calories
7) Snacking - Cut out all refined sugary snacks and replace with fresh fruits and nuts, Healthy
alternative snacks, again be a label reader, look for lo - fat all natural snacks
8) Work out Gear - should be comfortable and well fitting, shoes are just as important
9) The Scale - Don't let the scale control you, your weight will fluctuate. But that doesn't mean
you are not getting healthy. You may be toning muscle.
10) Every activity is important: I recommend getting a tracker to record and track your
movements, as well as your calories
11) This is the most important of all. Please remember, we're all human and tend to slip on
occasion. This doesn't mean for you to throw in the towel and go on a four day binge. It
simply means that is okay to slip up once in a while. Just don't make it a habit. Forgive
yourself and get right back on track. Before you know it, you will have reached your goals.
And you will be a whole new you with a whole new life.

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  • FLYER99
    This is a wonderful blog. I have saved it to my favourites. Thanks so very much. I needed this!
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    2309 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I enjoyed your blog immensely. Thanks for sharing it. Thank you for being part of our group, you never know who is impacted by your blog. Have a great weekend and take time for you this weekend.
    2309 days ago
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