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2015 GOALS

Thursday, January 01, 2015

I have been in the 140-145# range for the last several years - with a goal to be at 135#. Why can't I get the discipline to get there and stay there? I know that doing so will make me healthier. It isn't just about how I look - it is about feeling better. So, how should I turn this around?

My goals for 2015: drop my weight to 135#; make 2015 miles - biking, walking, running, hiking; build in more consistent yoga

To achieve these goals:
1) stay really connected to my sparkteam - focus on creating and meeting weekly measures and challenges.
2) take advantage of my good set of friends who exercise daily
3) take advantage of my wonderful husband who eats more healthy than I
4) reduce the wine consumption
5) try to switch to a job that allows me more time off, less stress
6) visit my blog weekly to remind myself of my goals :)

1/11 Update: So far I've done better. I started my new sparkteam and 5% challenge high in weight a week ago (more than 146#) and dropped 1.6# this week. More important than the drop was the discipline to track daily, only had sweets a couple of evenings, wine consumption down (9 last week vs ave of 2 drinks a night over the holidays) and did a variety of exercise which was fun especially these wintry days. And i am working on a new job possibility. And I actually remembered to come back to this blog and remind myself of my goals rather than coming back 6 months from now!

1/18 Update: Week 2 I did great - another 1.6# loss and got down to my 1 glass/day average of red wine. Did a ton of exercise, many new classes (yoga, zumba, skiing) and very few sweets. Next week will be a real test for me however, since I travel 4 days of the week. Travel causes its own stress with lack of consistent time to exercise, eating out every meal, and little time to stay on spark and track. Will do my best!

1/24 Update: Week 3 I went backwords. I did well with not eating after supper but poor with traveling/wine. This week I have the opportunity to get back on track since I'm home and can really watch/control my wine consumption. In 10 days I travel again so have an opportunity to plan ahead and work HARD at mastering these bad habits!

2/1 Update: Week 4 was great. I ate well, met my goal of only 1 glass of wine/day average, tracked daily, exercised a ton, did yoga twice, and kept really close to my spark team to stay on track. I'm also proud that I've kept true to my goal of visiting this blog once a week and remind myself of my goals. The new job opportunity has been delayed (they are waiting till spring to make sure they really want to hire) so I'm back to regular work but have a good attitude that my work life will get reduced somehow this year. My challenge this coming week is it is a travel week. i have got to nail down better habits especially since the new job if i ever get it, involves a lot of travel...Stay tuned!

2/8 Update: Week 5 went backwards again. I managed to exercise daily but ate too many sweets and had too many drinks. I tried tracking but know i missed all the little bites I ate so that even though my CICO appeared good, I still gained weight. What I believe goes on when I travel: long days - I'm usually going from 8 am to 10pm working, either directly with my board and colleagues or indirectly catching up on email work. I don't sleep as well so hard to force myself up at 5am to get exercise in before work starts. I allow myself more drinks than usual because our social hour and then dinner go on so long (fortunately I am never tempted to go to the bar after dinner like some of my colleagues). When i'm tired I then get the "I don't give a ****" kind of attitude and allow myself a full bag of trail mix on the plane or whatever I think I'm allowed cause of the change in routine. I have an opportunity in 2 weeks when I travel again to see if I can turn this around!

2/22/15: I forgot to post a week ago - the week I did really well; this past week was only OK - i thought i was doing better but gained the weight i had lost the week prior; nothing i did was awful but just a lot of things added up. Once again how if I don't stay really disciplined i slide backward - gotta admit i get sick of being disciplined. Then I get mad at myself for ruining the hard work I had done prior and then I dust myself off and recommit.

SO - my coming week: 4 out of the 7 days will be travel again - going into the week with a weight gain is not a good place to start - so I will have to really focus, focus, focus. I am going to warm climates (60s in San Fran area), my schedule is such that there should be plenty of time for exercise, i'm with healthy colleagues so eating right should be no excuse. And I'm getting ready to try Whole 30 for the month of march so by the end of this coming week I need to be disciplined and ready - and NOT use this week as an excuse of "this is my last week to eat a ton of junk before march 1"

March 1st Update: I did poorly with tracking but I kept up on exercise last week and didn't go crazy with food - lost a little weight. Now I'm starting Whole 30 for the month of March - I'm really looking forward to being more conscious of the foods I eat. My husband will be gone most of the month and since he does the cooking for our dinners, I figure this way I can experiment without his complaints.

March 8th Update: I had a great week - except for weighing in I followed whole 30 perfectly (or at least to my knowledge - still trying to read through it all and i may find i'm not doing something right). It's hard but not as hard as I expected. It really helps that I'm not traveling and that Bruce is now gone so I don't have to coordinate with his cooking. I know I still may be in the honeymoon stage of the diet so am taking this one day at a time. I have NOT been hungry and I lost more than 3#. It does take a lot of thought and I need to focus today on how to prep for the week so I don't get off track when I'm in a hurry.

Exercise was great last week also between spin classes, walking, the gym. No excuse for it not to be great this coming week - I need to walk the dog every day and I have lots of gym classes and it's beautiful out - I'm MOTIVATED (I'm also smart enough to know that I will NOT always feel this way).

March 15 Update: Had another great week - it was busy but I stayed true to whole 30, focused on planning and cooking healthy foods, exercised a ton, and got decent sleep. Work is very busy and Kaili was stressed early in the week so there were moments I was very stressed, but I was able to ride through the chaos.

This coming week I have a ton of meetings scheduled I can't avoid, so working from home a lot will be impossible. This means i have to be much more careful about planning days/exercise/food. I can do it, I know - but it will just take a lot of focus and stamina.

March 22 update: I did very well last week, stayed true to whole 30 and exercised a lot despite a ton of meetings. It took a lot of organization and discipline. I'm proud. I lost 1# more so though I'm not losing at the same rate as the beginning of the monthly program I am not going backwards. I have one more week on this strict regiment. It won't be easy with 3 days of travel, less opportunity for exercise, but i'm committed. My focus this coming week will be to research more and plan for life after the strict regiment so in April I don't undo what I've accomplished.

March 29 update: Whole 30 is almost done - at least for the first time - and I feel great; lost 7.4# this month; I didn't experience the "burst of energy" they describe but could be I have been working so hard trying to get everything that it was hard to notice. Now the trick will be keeping much of the same foods intact while on vacation and then traveling for work almost all of April. This will indeed be a great test!

Easter April 5 update: I went off whole 30 this past week but trying to live many of the principles including no dairy, grains, or chemicals. I've had a drink each night, limited sweets and some peanut butter - so legumes...I'm on vacation in the Bahamas and food choices are more limited and I'm enjoying having fun - so paying close attention to any food going into my mouth rather than grabbing at foods. Also exercising daily even thought it's not nearly as rigorous as usual. One more week of vacation!

April 12: Well - definitely did damage during the 2 week vacation. Up 2.8#; I did track most days, I did have CICOs but nothing like before vacation - starting today i'm going to try and get back on whole 30 - may not hit 100% since I'm traveling but try for it!

April 19: traveled all week but was more disciplined and lost what I gained last week - or so I think on my mom's scale. I now am really tracking how close I am to maintaining whole 30 rather than estimating and didn't hit the 90% I hoped but hit 84%. I have something to aim for next week to beat. I also only exercised 4 days - next week will work hard for at least 5 days.

April 26: I had such long work hours and traveling that I stopped tracking and focusing on whole 30; I did exercise 5 days but also gained 1# which I'm not surprised about. It's so good to be home and here for two weeks - so focus will be back to whole 30, regular exercise, reading, and less stress!

May 3rd: I'm back on track and lost 2#. I allowed myself one day "off" as I knew there was a big gala to go to; and i slipped one night when making cookies - but still hit whole 30 84% of the week, got back into a variety of exercise and overall did well. I would like to stay true to whole 30 this next week with only being "off" next Sat at a big gala...Hoping to make it 135 (1# more) - won't have been there for more than 4 yrs!

May 10th: made it to 135 this week - yea! I allowed a day off again yesterday as i was traveling and went to a gala last night - but will continue to try and keep to 80% whole 30 this week, exercise each day and try to lose 1/2# again...

May 17th: I traveled some of the past week and didn't exercise nor stick to whole 30 as much so gained 1.4# back. The good news is that I'm hovering closer to 135 than 140-145 so with some extra attention this coming week I'm hoping I can drop back to 135. When I reread my original goals for 2015 I have dropped to 135, but now need to be consistent with that weight (trying now for 130 but even just hitting 135 consistently would be great). I am not tracking the # miles for the year - decided that was too much of a pain, and i'm not running at all, but doing a lot of walking, hiking, biking - and I really have built in some yoga so feel good about that. I've also done great with staying connected to my sparkteam, my exercising friends, my husband and I are eating healthier than ever, I've greatly reduced the wine.

The one area I am failing at is reducing the work - and I know that is an issue. Right now, trying to set myself up for a job that would allow less hours is causing me to work 2 jobs with no end in sight. I'm working my regular job AND I'm working a "20% fellowship" for another area of my organization. I love the fellowship work as it is new and different and the supervisor of that department wants to hire me and is willing to work with me at 60% time which is what I want for the next five years if I can. But it will now likely be September before this position is considered. So I am trying to be patient and not get too stressed by working both jobs, traveling a lot.

May 24th: I dropped some but not yet back to 135# (135.6). I just didn't have it in me to track or exercise a lot this past week with rainy weather and lots of meetings/retreats. I start tomorrow for a two week trip - everything I'm doing will be fun or interesting but it is the busiest schedule I've ever had - with 11 flights and spending nights in 6 different cities in 15 days...i have lists and lists going in my head about what I have to pack - 1/2 of this is personal and 1/2 work. Anyway, as i think about my goals for the next two weeks they will be modest - I don't plan to track food or exercise as my time will be so busy. Instead i will focus on getting in 5 freggies a day, keeping sweets to a minimum, and exercise in some fashion most days.

June 14th: I'm back up to 137.8, where I started the last 5% challenge 12 weeks ago. All the work and fun i did the last two weeks was rewarding but I was exhausted! I got quite a bit of exercise in, but didn't track any food and ate plenty of junk. Now that I'm home I'm going to ease into better habits!

June 21st: Yesterday I did my official WI for the next 5% challenge and I was up to 140#, the most I've been since March 7th. I have been in a slump for sure - starting with all my travel at the beginning of the month and then once back not being ready to get into an exercise or food routine. Too much work and stress primarily. I'm really glad this summer 5% challenge is starting as it can be the impetus to get back to tracking, focus on health first. I've revisited my original goals and will try to more closely think about each of them every day this week. However I want to replace the exercise mileage goal (make 2015 miles) since I have not tracked consistently. My new goal is: by the end of the year I want to have made a decision about how to reduce my workload significantly, which means a different job. I've been messing with this all year and it has caused me to work 1.5 times in two different jobs, trying to set myself up for this possibility. The work is very rewarding; however, in turn has caused more stress and travel; less focus on my current job and it's effecting those around me. So I'm giving myself the next 6 months to figure it out!

July 5th: I've been on the road and not focused on staying close to the team nor tracking and it shows - up 1# over the last two weeks so going in the wrong direction. I'm on vacation this week and want to stay away from the computer and discipline - rather I want to have fun. So that will be my focus. I'm confident I can get back to this harder work next week!

July 12th: I focused on fun the last week - not worrying about work, about exercise - though i hiked some - nor watching food. I had a GREAT time. However, my WI reflected how far I've strayed in 6 weeks - gaining more than 5#. At 142.4 I'm the worse i have been since February. SO - my plan: back on whole 30 for at least the next month. Get back into exercise - regular exercise. And keep emailing with my sister-in-law as the two of us are in a fun contest about who can lose 5# in the next 3-4 weeks. Whoever loses has to buy the other a really nice bottle of wine. She is so disciplined I give her a 90% chance of beating her goal - that will be some real incentive to me!

July 19th: I am proud. I lost 4# this week, by sticking to whole 30 98% of the time. I was traveling 3 of those days so had some food in restaurants and that's where I went off a bit, but going into week 2 of whole 30 with much better habits.

July 26th: I managed to hold onto the 4# loss and add another 0.6#. I let myself off of whole 30 for last Sunday event and worked hard the rest of the week to make up for it and keep to my goal of whole 30 90% or more for the week. I use our team's tracking sheet and created my own formula on excel to add up all the whole 30 points and figure the %. That has kept me honest with myself rather than ball-parking.

I also got back into more regular exercise, back to some gym classes including yoga. Feels good to work on this balance.

August 2nd: Made my goal of keeping true to whole 30 at least 90% time. Allowed myself wine occasionally and last night allowed myself tortilla chips at a party. My stomach groaned about the latter!

Just realized I indeed lost the weight I needed to make the 5# bet with my sister in law (i thought i still had a bit to go until i looked it up). That's fun. Now if I can just keep up the whole 30 this week while I travel I'll be doing well.

August 9th: this past week I did not track most days and went off the diet more - probably because I knew i had hit that milestone of 5#. Not good. Within a week I gained 2# even though I exercised most days and wasn't bad on my diet, just not strict. I think a lot of it may be the "set point" and I need to be more strict to drop down to 135 and stay there a few weeks before allowing myself to loosen up. I'm a bit frustrated cause I get tired of being so strict all the time. Oh well, will try harder this week!

August 16th: I was a little better this past week and lost almost a pound but only hit whole 30 67% - the good news is i did a lot of exercise and i forced myself to track even when i was "bad". This coming week, with some travel again, I'm going to aim for 80% whole 30 + 1/2# loss - maybe a bit more realistic than last week's goal.

August 23rd: did exercise a lot but was terrible about tracking and once I got off whole 30, let myself go off a lot (saying to myself, well I already blew this week so I'll be better next week). Well next week is TODAY so am going to force myself to track all week and see if i can get back into a disciplined mode.

Sept 6th: I'm back on whole 30 starting Aug 31st. I reread the book and also started reading Brain Maker which is similar in food recommendations - i lost a pound last week and feel better about the food I'm eating. It also allows me to follow the doc recommendation to not eat or drink 3 hrs before bedtime in order to solve what he thinks is acid reflux. Even though i'm not 100% compliant on whole 30 I feel good about the discipline it is forcing.

Sept 13th: Did terribly last week - allowed travel, wedding and birthday celebrations to get me off track and once i was off, i ate poorly - gained almost 5#! Am back to recommitting today to 90% whole 30. This will be hard given travel but will try. I also am focusing a lot this next month on how to take the risk and jump out of my current job - it's just too much and I'm tired of feeling pulled in too many directions. We'll see if i am brave enough to "announce" an end date.

October 4th: Though I am hovering just above 140 and a lot of travel coming up so know it will be hard to drop 5#, I am very happy that I announced my resignation! I'm already being courted for part time work so that feels good but first just focusing on ending my current job well and not leaving my team high and dry. I just reviewed my goals for the year and am going to try and sing them every morning to inspire me to do better on the food/wine/exercise realm while traveling!

Oct 12th: Last week was a bust as far as watching my food intake, in particular too much wine consumption with travel and 50th anniversary celebrations of the non-profit I spent much of my adult life focused on - 750 arrived in our little town to celebrate and though i had a blast seeing old friends it made for too many late nights. This week I am committed to tracking food again!

December 27th: I just reread my blog for the year. The good news is that it's obvious i can drop back to 135 if I do whole 30 or stay disciplined. The bad news is that was only March-June when I really worked on it consistently. The rest of the time I'm in the 140-145# range. At the end of the year I switched jobs to a less stressful, more part time; so I'm set up for 2016 to be better!
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