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Keeping on the path

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I am feeling good about some progress I made today. I am on my way to a Caribbean cruise that leaves from Houston, Texas. On the plane down to Houston I brought my own healthy food to eat in the airport and on the plane. Tonight, in our hotel they had a very delicious sounding Tex-Mex menu that seemed a bit high in fat and calories. Just the stuff I used to crave. I scanned the menu and selected soup (minus tortilla chips) along with some healthy chicken lettuce wraps with the sauce on the side.

The old me when on vacation would be on vacation from healthy choices. Now, I may select a treat to have once or twice. But now I am calling the shots and I am in control. One thing for sure it takes a lot of exercise to burn calories so if I do indulge it has to really be worth the calories.

I deliberately brought my smaller, more form-fitting wardrobe to help motivate me and I am excited to learn that there are Zumba classes aboard the Princess cruise I am taking. I am in !
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