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2015 Resolutions

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ok so this is what, 12 days late? Better late than never as they say!

So this year I am NOT resolving to lose weight, get fit, exercise, get up early, walk Hally ect ect. I'm gonna work on these things regardless and know I will faulter and pause and stop and start up, I know this about myself no need to resolve to do these things.
What I AM resolving to do this year is Meatless Mondays and eating fish once a week, particularly omega-3 rich fish...calling it Fish Friday.

Today was my 2nd meatless Monday of 2015 and well everything went well until I realized the marinara sauce for the spinach manicotti shells I made for dinner had bacon in it! D'OH!!!! But can I still count it as meatless??? You can't see nor taste the bacon, if I hadn't made it months ago I wouldn't of even of known it was in there...

These 2 resolutions I see as my tools to help with my bigger goals, to get healthy, lose weight, get in shape and above all avoid becoming type 2 diabetic. Diabetes runs in my father's family. I already have asthma, since I was 5, and one chronic disease is enough for me. My father has diabetes, my Aunt Elaine has diabetes, my Godmother died from diabetes, it's one of the things I'm afraid of developing if I don't make a change and get my weight under control.

One thing I am proud of looking at myself, I've never had high blood pressure and I've never had a sodium problem and I've never really had a cholesterol problem either. My bad cholesterol has always either been in range or in the high part of the normal range right on borderline high but nothing for a doctor to say lifestyle changes....but my good cholesterol has always been low. So I want to also work on getting my good cholesterol up up up.
Both my older and younger brothers are on high blood pressure meds and I am not, and if you were to look at us you would assume it would be I who would be on those medicines and not them. So I am proud that even though I am the heaviest based on height, I a the healthiest! I just hope that they can also get their heart health in order.
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