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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

So here it is another amazing program from one of my favorite trainers, Shaun T!!!
I'm super excited to start this program and see what changes i can see not only in my body but my overall endurance and strength
so here is my stats for beginning of month 1


Weight: 179.6 lb
%body fat : 24.4
chest: 34 in
waist: 28 in
hips: 38
thigh: 20.5 in

Day 1 - Cardio Challenge (2/2/15) Cal burned 406 Maxed out 8:30
OMG it almost killed me, I maxed out at 8 minutes into the workout, well I don't have to get discourage that is my starting point and from there I can only improve.
I was sweating buckets and by midway into it I had to follow the modifier (thank God he has one in this one)but i managed to finish with shaking legs but I did it emoticon

Day 1 - Tabata (2/3/15)
Nothing to report, dvd didn't work so i'll attempt to do it on my rest day...got to clean my dvd player and try again

Day 3 - Sweat Intervals (2/4/15) Cal burned 379 Maxed out 9:30
Honestly I had to follow the modifier for the whole workout... I felt like I was about to passed out at the end, not counting that my legs and all lower body from my waist down was cramped and in pain...but despite of that I love this work out, I missed insanity so much but I was not in the mood for its 45+ minutes

Day 4 - Tabata Power (2/5/15) Cal burned 271 Maxed out 10:51
And yet another awesome workout...Shaun T worked me from head to toe
Push ups were my weakest point, but it's also good because I know I can only improve from where I am.
And seriously, finishing with a minute of power jumps? Only Shaun T would of thought of a torture like that...well I had to do the modified version.

Day 5 - Rest day (2/6/15)
Traded my rest day for today becasue of my Kickboxing class...it felt so good and I really needed to balance me out

Day 6 - Fight Night Round 1 (2/7/15) Cal burned 369 cal Maxed out 11:51
Followed the modifier for the complete workout, still maxed out and ready to improve, arms were really hurting but in a good way...he really loves the burpee lunges and I can see why, it works all of your body



Weight: 181.2 lb
%body fat : 24.4
chest: 34 in
waist: 28 in
hips: 38
thigh: 20.5 in

Well I gained 2 lbs, but it's not a big deal, just got to stick to my meal plan and don't giving into temptations and with that in mind here i go

Day 8 - Cardio Challenge (2/9/15) Cal burned 368 Maxed out 11:51
Still kicked my behind, it was so cold yesterday that I felt my muscles were super stiff so i was alternating between modifier and regular Shaun T
legs and arms felt like jello at the end but still manage to finish it

Day 9 - Tabata Power (2/10/15) Cal burned 275 Maxed out 12:43
Again I did half modifier, half with the group at the beginning I was like I don't feel like doing this because my body was in pain from Monday but I just pushed play and bit the bullet.... best decision ever, felt great afterwards despite of cursing at him during the upper body sections...the end was so good, I did the power jumps without modifying for the last 30 seconds, next time I'll try to follow the regular crew longer

Day 10 - Sweat Intervals (2/11/15) Cal burned 368 Maxed out 12:43
This workout was just what I needed after a very stressful day at work, trying to keep up with the crew was just a liberating experience...afterwards I felt like my normal self again just exhausted but empowered... love how Scott keeps pushing and even though is modifying you feel the workout, power jumps and pushup are my favorite move from this workout
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