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Monday, February 23, 2015

Over the last decade or so, my wedding ring got tighter. At first I told myself it was because my joints were swelling due to emerging arthritis, but at some point the outright pudginess of my fingers made me admit that the cause was my gaining weight. First I could only get my ring off with soap to lubricate, then I couldn't get it off at all but could at least slide it along part of my finger, and finally all I could do was rotate it around a worn groove at the base of my finger. I started to worry that my wedding ring would turn into a tourniquet and cut off circulation. I wondered if rings could be cut off fingers but couldn't bring myself to google and find out.

So as I started losing weight, a hope formed that if I lose enough, maybe I will be able to slip my wedding ring off again. It's not that I'm unhappy being married - my husband is the sweetest, best man, and we are stuck with each other for life. I don't actually know why this is a thing for me. But I would really like to be able to take my ring off and put it back on, instead of having it trapped in place forever.

I'm making progress. I can slide my ring about 5 mm up my finger now. But that's only halfway to my knuckle, and there's clearly still too much skin and fat in my way. I don't know if this is going to happen for me. I'm 5 lbs from my weight target, and unless a significant portion of those lbs are coming off my fingers, I think I'm in for disappointment.

This ring thing is enough of a *thing* for me that I've been thinking of adjusting my target. Instead of having a specific weight target, I'm thinking of switching my goal to being able to take my wedding ring off. That is, when I have lost enough weight that my finger is slim enough that I can slide my ring off again, then I will have reached my weight loss destination.

I'm not sure if reaching my new target is doable, but I'm thinking of giving this a try. The current plan is to stay on PSMF up to 4 more weeks, or until I reach my weight target. I think I'll push through the 4 weeks, even if I reach my original weight target earlier, just to see if I can reach my ring target. And then, the first thing I'm going to do is get my ring resized so I don't have to obsess about this anymore!
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    Well, that must be a little frustrating--to be so close to goal and have your ring still trapped on your ring finger! I guess your fingers are more stubborn than your feet, which you said have lost enough weight to fit into shoes that once were too tight. Why are your fingers sitting around not getting with the program?! And I certainly don't think there's such a thing as spot exercises for fingers.

    I feel for ya, BEMUSED. However, I must note that my fingers have changed shape over the years, and I'm sure it's purely because of age and arthritis. In my case, there are days when I can get my ring off easily and days when it won't go past my swollen, arthritic middle joint. Probably you'll have more luck, though, because of all the weight you've lost. I hope you reach this goal!
    2248 days ago
    I completely understand how you feel with the wedding band!! I have a promise ring that is now too big and I wear it on my middle finger as a reminder that I am losing weight. *hugs* Soo happy for your progress!! emoticon
    2248 days ago
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