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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I've gotten 25 pounds lighter since starting over again, which is pretty darned great considering that I haven't actually "stuck" to my eating plan for quite some time.

My life has been in a whirlwind state. My parents moved from their isolated, difficult, independent home situation to an incredibly nice assisted living place that my dad has wanted to move to for months. It was the right move at just the right time, but it was a really hard change for my mom to accept. As a result, the whole moving week, and the weeks that have followed, have been a process of adjustment, but it gets a little better every day.

Our whole family was together to make this work, which felt wonderful. At times, none of us knew if this whole thing was going to work out. But -- kenahora, as my grandmother used to say -- I feel like March is the month where things might (maybe) calm down a bit, as they settle in, but like the March weather, it's a bit unpredictable.

I welcomed sugar and chocolate back into my diet around the beginning of February, after about two months of just not being interested in the stuff. Part of what was going on was a lot of socializing with family (our family motto should be, "when in doubt about what to do next, go out to eat"). Part of what was going on was stress (major, major, major stress), which helped me "justify" choices (like eating dessert every day!) that I would have thought were not justifiable anymore for me.

BUT I didn't go backwards in terms of weight. I think that was also because of the circumstances, in a way. Very busy, lots of running around, and in my new home, that always involves climbing stairs.

And also, because the social eating usually revolved around one big "event" meal every day, I was able to keep my overall calories at a reasonable level. I also knew that I'd be having desserts, so for entrees I stuck to salads and lean meats for the most part, and other than desserts, I didn't eat much grain. (That is one indulgence that I think I really have lost the taste for. Hmm, except for bagels ... but even then I only ate half, except for one particular breakfast where I just said "what the heck" and ate both halves.)

So, so far, I've managed to maintain my weight loss through (a) a whole week of travel and (b) a whole month's worth of a difficult transitional period for my parents. I feel almost ready to go back to the gym and start figuring out how to optimize my strength training and endurance to fully support my goals. In the meantime, cleaning their house is going to be enough of a daily workout!
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