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Honestly, the best policy

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I started tracking a few days ago, and already learned a few things. First, it's important to be accurate and meticulous, because small morsels can be quite significant. That tiny piece of chocolate-covered caramel I had today? Which I savored in about a dozen teeny bites? Was 60 calories on its own. 60! In such a tiny package! Each ounce of walnuts, such a seemingly modest snack - is 185 calories! I had 4 brazil nuts at a work party today - 120 calories! And I picked the macadamia nuts out of the nut bowl - 204 calories!

So yes, i am learning that the devil is in the details. I'm also learning that while I have no difficulty being honest in my regular life, tracking my food honestly requires more conscious effort. I think it's because I don't really want to know that the nuts are adding so many calories - I want to remain ignorant so I can just enjoy my snack!

So I wouldn't say that tracking has been an enjoyable exercise. But I'm recognizing how important it is - knowledge is power, right? If I track honestly, I cannot ignore the contributions of what I choose to put in my body, and I have to take responsibility for my actions. I know, it's obvious and I already *knew* all this. But actually *doing* the tracking finally, I can *feel* how important it is to be accountable.

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    This is a very good blog. You're right--ignorance is bliss! For example, I read on this site yesterday something I really should have already known. It appeared in the trivia quiz, which asked whether alcohol was metabolized by the body the same way as other foods. I said yes, and I was wrong. I actually never knew that alcohol goes straight to my fat reserves, which are already quite ample, thank you!! Now THAT little piece of information suddenly put the damper on my craving for a beer. In a way, I wish I had remained ignorant, but then again I will never, ever be thin if I keep indulging in alcohol too often.

    Oh my. Are nuts really that calorie-expensive?! I know they have a lot of good stuff in them, but not sure I'd want to blow all those calories in such a paltry-looking little snack. But I bought some salt-free nuts to use as a snack when I have to wait until 9 or 10 at night to have dinner. And by the way, another thing I learned on the trivia quiz--food eaten late at night does NOT make you fatter. The body uses it the same way as food eaten any other time. In my case, though, late-night meals can have the negative effect of causing nightmares. I don't know why, but certain foods (especially boxed cereal) if eaten as a bedtime snack, give me the worst nightmares. I'm assuming it's the chemicals. I've had to stop eating cereal near bedtime.

    Sorry to practically write my own blog in your comment space! Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog and wish you luck with tracking!
    2223 days ago
    Well said! I need to remind myself that every bite counts, as that's what got me into the shape I am right now! (both the good and the bad)
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    2224 days ago
    Good job. It really is enlightening, isn't it?

    2224 days ago
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    2224 days ago
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