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Day 110 - Breathtaking

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today was a day that I will always remember as a day when I couldn't stop smiling. It was one of those "best days" that only come along every once in a while.

The new carpet was installed in two of the bedrooms upstairs (the master and middle bedrooms), and it looks and feels great! We got the master bedroom put back together this afternoon so that we can have a good night's sleep tonight (and hopefully that will make up for the restless night I had last night anticipating all the good things that were on the docket today).

My first visit to my new office was beyond wonderful. What a great, eclectic group of people! At dinner were executive directors of non-profit organizations, a plumber, a handyman, and three recipients of new homes courtesy of our local Habitat for Humanity organization. The group is warm, friendly, and full of life. Richard, the executive director of Lake County Habitat, paid me the highest compliment just before I left when he told me that even though I haven't officially started yet (my first day will be Tuesday), it felt as if I'd been here for a long time already. How awesome is that??!!??!!??!!

I'm going back tomorrow for a tour of the current home renovation project (a short-sale that is being improved for increased energy efficiency for Jeremy, who was at the lunch today), and Richard is taking me out to lunch afterward to talk about my role as Program Manager and what I'll be doing.

I already know that this is the job I was meant to have. God had a plan for me, and this is definitely a part of that plan. I feel so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity, and I can't stop smiling!

After I got home, I took our regular hike up the hill and around "the loop" to get the great views of the lake and soak in some sunshine. I was sorry that Steve didn't feel up to joining me. He's still feeling pretty terrible, and you know a cold is bad when it knocks him out like that. I do my best to take care of him, but I know that in situations like this, I have to let nature take its course.

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful words of support in this transition. You take my breath away!
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