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Day 112 - Building

Sunday, March 22, 2015

We took out fixtures in the big walk-in closet in the guest bedroom today in preparation for a new closet organizer system that will handle all our clothes and still leave some room for guests who might come to visit. (We're two gay men with a lot of clothes. What of it? LOL)

The patching where I put the crowbar through the drywall is curing, and we should be able to repaint and get the new organizer hung up during the week. It's all good.

We are both heading back tomorrow to Sacramento in our separate vehicles. I meet with my orthopedist on Monday morning for a quick follow-up after my MRI and nerve test, to see if there is any other surgery that I might need, although I have no idea when I might be able to schedule that, now that I'm gainfully employed. At least I will know, and there won't be any questions hanging over my head.

The best part of today was a phone conversation with one of Steve's long-time friends, who is now the executive director of a non-profit in Indianapolis that helps the families of kids dealing with cancer. I wanted some advice from him on how to work in a non-profit, and he had nothing but good things to say about my capabilities and my long-term success in the job just by being myself. He also had a couple other wonderful nuggets of wisdom that I will take with me on my first week on the job. I am so grateful to Fred for his experience and encouragement, and for inspiring me to think about applying for this job in the first place! Tuesday is my first day on the job, and I feel more confident and excited than ever, now that I've been reassured that I'm not crazy for wanting the job or thinking that I could handle it!

A lot of my themes in this blog are about believing in yourself and having the confidence to take a chance even when you might not be sure of your level of success. That's be en my mantra for the past 30+ years, and I'm not letting go of it. It is the main theme of the book "The Secret" (an Oprah favorite) - that when you believe that something is yours, then it will be yours. You can chalk it up to prayer, or faith, or just belief in yourself, but if you want something - and it is meant for you - then it will be yours. I got the first job I applied for in my new community at the age of 57 because I knew in my heart that it was perfect for me. Yes, I prayed, and I believed, and I had faith.

And it happened.

Believe in yourself. Know what you want, and then go out and do everything you can to get it. It will happen.

Blessings to you always.
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