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SIncerely, the Conductor

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

All Aboard! Train will be leaving the station, heading for your destination! Leaving now....ready or not, jump on board!"

There I am- bags packed, dreams bursting from my soul- so happy to climb on the train and get going! I am heading to a destination I have headed for before, but I have never made it there. I am excited- because THIS TIME, THIS TRIP...will be the one where I actually arrive at my "destination" and live there!

Woohoo! The train is moving. Much slower than I had imagined....it will take forrrreeevvvver to get where I am going!

Am I there yet?? How much longer will it be??? I am getting antsy!!!!!

And so the conversation goes.....

but here is the thing.....I would NEVER decide to get off of a moving train...or jump off! I would hold on for dear life- knowing that the safest place for me is inside that moving train- heading towards that destination! There may be beautiful things along the way...the journey is always interesting...but I would never get off, leave my bags and my dreams behind, and just stop my journey!

We are almost through March....
I have been standing between the train cars, holding on....but the train is moving so slowly that it feels like jumping off would not be so bad!

it would! It would make no sense to stop!
So, I am going to go back inside, get comfortable and settle in! It is a long, slow ride....but the best place is moving, safely, on the train, on the track, heading towards where I want to go...
and nowhere else!

I will get there- and so will you! This blog was just a reminder that it is CRAZY to jump off! Hang on for dear life...the journey is beautiful...and the new destination is worth everything!

"This is your Conductor again! Glad to have you aboard! Not everyone chooses to ride- glad you did! Please remain safely in your spot- and enjoy every minute of this ride! Not sure about the weather ahead....but sure that we will all get where we are going!"
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