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Think a long time and research any possible plastic surgery

Friday, April 17, 2015

In November I had a tummy tuck. My muscles in my abdomen has been separated for some time (the rectus abdominis and the Transverse abdominis. This was due to a previous health issue.

I began to really lose my muscle tone in my abdomen and grew a lot of fat there, much more than other places in my body.

We decided that if I wanted I could have the surgery. I was eager to get rid of these “rolls” and decided in favor.

The surgery went well and the healing was easy. That was November. Then, well December I really enjoyed my new and improved belly, but that wasn’t to last long.

On January 8th I woke up with a distended abdomen that was (and is) very painful and sensitive. It is April 17th today. After a visit with my surgeon, he referred me to a doctor for the intestines and stomach (don’t remember how it is said in English).

I saw this Doctor for a month and a half. We first tried pills, powders, etc. Then, we began the tests: CT scan, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. After we finished with these tests he proclaimed that it was nothing to do with my peptic (stomach & abdomen) system and referred me back to the original doctor!

In the meantime we got a second opinion, who said it “could be from the surgery, but there is no way for him to be sure.”

We have been fighting this plastic surgeon for two months now. So far, no answers.

On Monday we will see him again. It is our final meeting as we just can’t take it anymore. The doctoring, no one knows what’s going on and why it is happening. Or at least won’t admit it. My plastic surgeon says he’s never had this happen or even heard of it (although my research has uncovered many similar situations.)

So now I wait till Monday. I’m very grateful because my husband has gotten involved and as a CFO he is very forceful but organized in his thoughts. I’m admiring him more and more!!!!!

Well, I hope we can resolve this on Monday. We shall see. I hope to blog a happy ending although this swelling can last years and years. I’m much worse aesthetically than I was before, but what can I do? I don’t plan on having another surgery any time soon.

Will you think of me and a positive outcome for this problem?
Thanks for reading.

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