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Thursday, April 23, 2015

For so long I had to see my doctor only once a year, for my annual checkup. Well, one year I broke my elbow, and another year I tore my Achilles, but otherwise I hardly ever needed to darken her door.

And then I was put on PSMF, and had to see my doctor every few weeks, and a nutritionist in between, and have blood work done every few weeks. When my blood pressure normalized and I went off PSMF, the frequent doctor visits and blood work ended, and I thought I was back to just the annual visits.

But then tonight, the kid was goofing around with me, and she found a bump on the top of my foot. It's about the size of a quarter, and half a cm high, and weird. I don't have it on my other foot, and neither the kid nor the husband have such a bump on either of their feet, and I don't recall ever noticing this bump before. So, I think it's relatively new. Of course, I'm getting older and my eyesight isn't great, and I don't really look at my feet much....

My sophisticated online research (google) tells me that the most likely explanations are either a bone spur or a ganglion cyst. Of course before my googling, the first thing my brain went to was "bone cancer" so the other two possibilities sound reassuring. I'll be spending tomorrow morning seeing a doctor, so will fall even further behind on work - perfect timing. But I'm a worrywart, and the husband and kid are almost as bad, so the sooner that a professional tells me it's something pedestrian (!) like a ganglion cyst, the better.

I found this on one of the websites and it made me laugh:
"Many home remedies can cause more harm than good, such as “Bible Therapy,” which involves taking a heavy object such as a book and smashing the cyst."

Yeah, I think I'll have this checked out by a doctor instead!
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    The culprit might be friction from your shoes. I developed a bump on the top of each foot where I pull the laces across the top of my foot to tie them. I have switched to a new pair of shoes which are also bigger. I'm hoping the bumps will subside. Hope its nothing serious for you. emoticon
    2188 days ago
    My mind always goes immediately to cancer, too, whenever I find a new spot, bump, or anything. Ha ha. I love our little worrywart club, Bemused.

    It's probably a cyst. I had an alarmingly big one when I was a young adult. Like PJDaniels' MIL, mine was on the back of my hand, and the doctor offered me the "Big Book" therapy, which I declined. After being told it was harmless, and being a wimp and not wanting anybody to smash my hand, I decided to ignore it. And guess what. Ignoring it worked. It went away not long afterward. Good luck with that, my dear.
    2189 days ago
    My MIL had a cyst on the back of her hand and the doctor did just that, had her put her hand on the table and smashed it with a book! She is 93, and this was a very long time ago. Hope your appointment goes well and you don't get hit with a book, ha ha.
    2189 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    have a nice day
    2189 days ago
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