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Battling the crunchies

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

At the beginning of my weight loss adventure, my nutritionist identified 3 major lifestyle changes I needed to make:
1. eat breakfast every morning
2. drink plenty of fluids
3. stop the late night snacking

The breakfast and copious amounts of water were easy to incorporate and are now established habits. My achilles heel is the snacking. During my 4.5 months of PSMF I eliminated almost all snacking, treating myself to a single peanut once every few days. Then I started the re-carbing process and was directed to Fiber One cereal, which became my go-to evening snack to munch. So far so good, right?

I am managing to stay away from most sweets. I baked two batches of white chocolate chip cookies last week and didn't have a taste. The smell was a big temptation though! And I have banned my favorite potato chips and shrimp chips from the house. So what does my traitorous body do? It decides that it wants my *kid's* favorite snack instead. A snack that I used to hate. A snack of which a year ago I could barely choke down a single morsel.

So now I find myself *craving* the "Flamin' Hot" crunchy Cheetos. I'm not even sure it qualifies as food. It certainly has no nutritional value. It's so spicy that it cuts the roof of my mouth. A year ago, the kid made me taste it and I almost spat it out. And yet now, my palate has decided it is the most delicious thing in the world. Or at least in the house. I can't stop buying it since the kid loves the stuff - it's her absolutely favorite snack. She loves it more than chocolate even. And now I am right there with her.

I managed to stay away from the evil concoction for a few days and today I indulged, and even while I was popping them into my mouth, I told myself "This is a bad idea. I'm not hungry. I don't need this." And yet I didn't stop, because my brain thinks it's delish. I have no idea what they put into that stuff, but it needs to be regulated. It shouldn't be legal.

Well, tomorrow's a new day. I've had my fix, and might be able to hold out until the weekend. I am sitting here trying to think of a creative solution. I'm thinking of bribing the kid into giving up her Flamin' Hots so that I can keep this gateway drug out of our house. I'm thinking that this may require offering her a pair or two of new shoes.

Desperate times, they call for desperate measures!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    If anything, you could begin to become a role model for healthy eating for your kids. Start slowly and they will follow. Get the junk out of the house!!!!!
    2170 days ago
    Bemused, I would like to spread the word about how funny your blogs are. I'm really sorry you're having trouble abstaining from Flamin' Hot crunchy Cheetos, but I'm sorta glad at the same time because this scene just makes me laugh out loud. You are so rational and grown up, and there you are snorting this cheese powder-coated "gateway drug"! You are so FUNNY/CUTE!

    I don't mean to be flippant. (Well, actually I do because I'm not worried about you losing control.) Hope you can make a deal with your daughter that doesn't set you back too much!
    2171 days ago
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