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Sunday, May 10, 2015

This was originally published on my regular blog, on April 12th, 2015. The link to the original posting can be found at thriceblessed-lessofme.b
. I have put it here on sparkpage too, to keep my spark friends up to date on what has been happening.

I have struggled to lose weight for so long. I started this blog on December 10, 2009. That means that I have been struggling on this blog for over five years, five years, four months, and two days. I also struggled on and off before even starting this blog, this has been going on for at least 20 years, but focusing just on the time since starting this blog, I can see myself on a roller coaster, started over 280, down to around 204, up to 270... start again... and so on.

Roller coasters are fun in amusement parks, but they are frustrating in weight loss journeys. Stop the ride, I want off!

At the start of this year I gave myself an ultimatum, get under 200 pounds or have weight loss surgery. So far I haven't made much progress. Its my fault, I haven't been sticking to my nutrition and exercise plan. So I am coming up with a new plan for the rest of this year.

Before telling you what it is, I want to say that I still firmly believe that weight loss is possible without getting on commercial "diets", I have lost weight on my own before. I have friends who have lost weight and even maintained that loss on their own. So I know its possible. However, I personally have really had trouble sticking to it when going it alone.

I tried Beachbody, and as an exercise program I still highly recommend it. However, I can't honestly say I really gave the diet recommendations a solid effort, so I can't speak to those. What I did notice about the diet recommendations is that they were a lot of work, complicated dishes to cook, and didn't fit well in my lifestyle at this time.

So, I am trying something else, something I never thought I would do... but then again 5 years ago I would have told you that I'd never consider weight loss surgery either... I am trying a commercial diet plan. The one I am trying is Take Shape for Life, by Medifast.

For some reason a lot of people I've mentioned it to have the idea that Medifast consists of just drinking shakes and not eating, but that's not it at all. On this plan I will be eating 5 Medifast "meals" every day, and cooking one meal on my own. I can pick which Medifast meal I want when, and mix and match, if I for instance decided I didn't like any of the breakfast meals and wanted to eat their Mac n Cheese for breakfast every day, I can do that. Or if I decided I wasn't really that hungry in the morning and their cappuccino mix was all I really wanted, that counts as a meal too. If I decide I never want a shake to count as a meal, I don't have to drink a single shake, there are over 90 different meals to choose from... most are freeze dried instant meals that you add hot water too, some are shakes, some are like snack bars.

I haven't decided yet if I'll stay on this plan until I reach my goal weight, or if I'll just do it for a time to get back on track... but I think it will make things easier. I won't have to come up with ideas for 3 healthy meals and a few healthy snacks every day. I won't have to go down a huge grocery list of ingredients and make sure I have them all. I will only have to cook myself one meal a day, and the meals I cook for myself can easily be modified so the rest of the family will be satisfied, by adding rice or potatoes to their portion, they can have a "non diet" meal, while my own meal will just be lean protein and non-starchy vegetables.

Basically, what this will do is make things easy and simple for a time. I also know there is a transition phase at the end of this diet where they teach you how to eat healthy without staying on their meals. I already "know" how to eat healthy, but I just don't do it. My hope is that with a coach to support me, and with the option of going back on the program if I gain, I will manage to stay on this for maintenance.

At any rate, I like this option more than surgery. Before anyone else says it, I'll say it. Programs like this are a crutch, but there is nothing wrong with using a crutch if you have a broken leg. It seems my ability to monitor my own food intake, and also my metabolism, are broken, and I need a crutch for a while they heal.

My coach is also a certified personal trainer at snap fitness, and I am going to join that gym and get 8 training sessions with her to get my exercise going again. I will start the food plan some time next week when my meals arrive in the mail.

I'll update soon to let everyone know how it is going.
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    First of all, thanks for the friend add, I added you too, one thing for sure as with all your other friends I will stand with you cheering you on your journey! emoticon emoticon emoticon together!

    1629 days ago
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