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A different kind of arm wave

Monday, May 11, 2015

In some of the public restrooms here, there are the old-fashioned towel dispensers. In others, gentle air dryers which are so weak that I usually end up wiping my hands on my pants. And then there are the ones with jet-powered blowers, that blast all moisture away within seconds.

Today I had the pleasure of drying my hands under one of those turbo-blasting dryers, and was mesmerized by the way the air blast depressed the skin on the back of my hand. And then for fun, I moved my arm to allow the blasting air to hit my wrist, then travel up the length of my forearm. At some point the air reached the perfect position on my arm that my skin vibrated at its resonance frequency, and waves of ripples undulated from the focus of the air blast outward. I looked up in absurd wonder and made my daughter laugh - she then used her phone to video my arm skin vibrating so we could show the male members of our family. Who, for some perplexing reason, didn't think this was anywhere as fascinating as we did.

Later, in the back seat of the car, my daughter and I compared our forearm skin with pinch tests - my skin pinches much more easily, and gives a stretchier thinner pinch, than my daughter's does. Part of this is the glorious structure of youthful skin (hers!), and part of it is because my skin is a little stretched *everywhere* due to my recent weight loss. I have already noticed I am saggy in many other places, but hadn't thought about my forearm at all! So - how do I tone my forearm? Time to google....
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    Ha ha, I'm still laughing. I wish I could have seen this, I would have joined you! --Pam
    2161 days ago
    My daughter and I have the same humor. ;o)
    2161 days ago
    You made me laugh again! I can see it all--you and your daughter delighted by the funny way the air "reached the perfect position on my arm that my skin vibrated at its resonance frequency, and waves of ripples undulated from the focus of the air blast outward." THIS, dear Bemused, is why I like your blogs so much. Under the surface of all these seemingly mundane scenes from daily life, there is such an atmosphere of hilarity. You epitomize joie de vivre!

    And I can totally relate to the male members of your family not being nearly as impressed with this arm skin video as you girls were. That happens to me all the time. My girls and I will be howling with laughter around the table after a meal, Toshi will return after having gone to watch the news and ask what's so funny. We'll try to explain, but he just shakes his head and goes back to the TV.

    I would rather laugh than anything! I wish I could have been there in that ladies' room with you girls, but since I couldn't, thanks for painting this funny picture so that I can laugh here at home.
    2162 days ago
    I'm glad I'm not the only one intrigued by the turbo hand dryers. I'm always afraid the skin is going to rip right off the way it moves around! Never thought of moving up the arm, though. Glad you and your daughter got a kick out of it. You never know what will tickle your funny bone. emoticon
    2162 days ago
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