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Understanding vs knowing

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

So my nutritionist corrected me a few times: "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change." And I nodded my head in agreement and then moved on to the next topic. And I've read it often in blogs and articles here, "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change" but didn't pause to think on it and just moved on. I think because I thought that the words weren't important, what I call this process isn't important, because I just have to *do* it, no matter what words I use.

But this week I have been thinking about my slipping into my old habits of nighttime junk food snacking, which I think I allowed myself because hey, I hit my target, didn't I? And I finally *understood* what this statement means. It's a lifestyle change - I really need to embrace and commit to the permanence of this process. It's not about reaching a defined goal and trying to stay there. It's about changing my approach to food, for the rest of my life.

This thing we're doing is tough. It's not enough to have an intellectual knowledge of the process. It's important to also *feel* the truth and necessity of what we are doing, in order to be able to maintain the commitment. So I think I'm getting there - I've been approaching this weight loss as a defined project to complete, but now I really understand that it needs to be my new, open-ended reality.

And - no night-time snacking today! I stuffed my dinner with seven different veggies and a generous serving of protein, and am still full.
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    I agree.
    2149 days ago
    2151 days ago
  • CAROL__
    I think the nutritionist was rude to keep correcting you. You can call it what ever you like. I am sure she knew what you meant by...'diet'. :)
    2154 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15212119
    I still snack sometimes at night but not as much (no where near as much) as I did before SparkPeople. It is only when I fall way below on my calorie range. The funny thing is I don't get as hungry now. Healthy food seems to satisfy me where I rarely have a craving for anything. Of course if DH is eating a Hershey bar I insist on a square (or two). It's hard to change up what we've all done to get us in this shape we're in today. Maintenance will probably be the hardest for me when I hit my goal weight.
    2154 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your revelation. I am needing to hear this as I am in the same place. I have been feeding the nighttime arm strain with ice cream. I have finally realized that I need to do something else in order to continue with my healthy eating
    2155 days ago
    I called it the difference between knowing and realizing or knowledge versus realization. Just having information (knowledge) is not always enough. It's not until this info becomes real for us (realization) that we act upon it. Congrats!
    2156 days ago

    2157 days ago
    well said
    2157 days ago
    Great step toward success! Thanks for the reminder.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2157 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15502456
    You are so right! This is a permanent process. I literally STOP MYSELF if I am about to eat something with sugar in it, chose a large portion or am faced with a more unhealthy choice and ask myself "do I want to eat this and go back to my old ways?" and I then tell myself "NO!" If I make a treat choice that has sugar, I chose the smallest version or share it with someone. Great blog! emoticon
    2157 days ago
  • no profile photo SROBINSON0927
    I am thankful for this blog, because I am not alone facing this battle.
    2157 days ago
    Making the switch in your head makes it so much easier!
    2157 days ago
  • no profile photo 1HOTFUDGEMAMA
    You are so right about needing to "feel" the truth! When it clicks, it clicks! The lights go on, the music plays....and you're left with a warm fuzzy feeling inside!
    2157 days ago
    I try to eat a really good supper filled with vegetables and protein to stop the late night snacking as well. emoticon
    2157 days ago
    When people ask me if I am on a diet again I tell them no. I'm eating for my health and loving my body. I have gotten some strange looks but I know that I am making the right choices. Great job on the no snacking after dinner!
    2157 days ago
    2157 days ago
  • no profile photo SARACGC1099
    Right on! It's shifting our mindset to a more permanent setting.
    2157 days ago
    2157 days ago
    It's taken me a long, long time to come to this realization too! emoticon
    2157 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15408704
    That's it exactly ... this is something we are doing indefinitely not something that has a finish point ... Great thoughts
    2157 days ago
  • ARAZA30
    2157 days ago
    Yup, you got it! That's the "secret". Once you realize it is a lifestyle and not a "diet", which never work long term, you got this. Diets are temporary, a quick fix, and then when we're done, we resume our old ways and of course re-gain. Acquiring a new and healthy lifestyle is what will sustain you, you make good habits and dump the old bad ones. Hurray for you! --Pam
    2158 days ago
    I think that learning to see "diet" as a permanent lifestyle change is the absolute hardest thing about the food issue. It's so easy to eat very little for a day or even three days in a row, but it gets hard for me after that.

    I know that I can't lose weight until I make the commitment, but I can't seem to make the commitment, so I'm wondering: do I really want to lose weight? Sometimes I do but apparently sometimes I don't. I need to try to remember my reasons for wanting to weigh less. At the moment, it's the 13-hour flight I face in September. I know that the extra weight on my front causes excruciating pain in my mid-back after less than three hours in an airplane seat. So I'm trying to focus on avoiding that pain a few months from now. Focus. Focus.

    And another thing that takes my mind off wanting to overeat is reading your blogs and comments. I never eat while Sparking! We're in this together, dear Bemused.
    2158 days ago
    Glad you had your "aha" moment. The change from "diet" to "lifestyle change" is the hardest habit to acquire and stay with. Keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2159 days ago
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